Tiki torches are actually great light sources as well as premium aesthetic material for events of any sort. So, here are the ideas of DIY Backyard Decorating Ideas With Tiki Torch To Light It Up.

Industrial Style Tiki Torch

Industrial style tiki torch DIY Backyard Decorating Ideas With Tiki Torch To Light It Up


Look at this classic industrial style Tiki torch that will leave everyone amazed you made it yourself. It is made out of fence poles, a steel light bulb cage, a PVC coupler, a Mason jar, high-temperature spray paint, and a Tiki torch wick. The good news is it does not require expert knowledge to put this setup together and you’ll be glad you can create this.

DIY Tiki Torch Bottle

Diy tiki torch bottle DIY Backyard Decorating Ideas With Tiki Torch To Light It Up


This project is to replace the plain oil containers with transparent bottles. It can become a showcase that lends more to the ambiance of the whole setting. Here, the materials you need are tiki torches, bottles of red lamp oil, fun colored 12’c zip ties, and empty bottles. Last, the tools you need are scissors and a small funnel.

Picker Basket Tili Torch

It is the stands and color of the citronella oil or Tiki torch fuel that are great for the backyard. You can build this easy DIY Tiki torch in just 6 steps, using only a few supplies. So, the materials you need to prepare are a Mason jar, hammer, nail, fruit picker basket, cutting pliers, copper spray paint, copper pipe, copper pressure, rubbing alcohol, adjustable stainless steel pipe, screwdriver, cotton rope, and citronella oil.

DIY Tabletop Tiki Torch

Here are clear transparent liquor bottles that create this DIY tabletop Tiki torch a laid-back feel. So, it is perfect for keeping the mosquitoes at bay on a night outside with close friends. It is also a fun DIY idea for sleepovers if you and your guys like crafts. You will need a copper cap, coupling, pipe, chain, and split ring, as well as a steel washer.

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

This wine bottle tiki torch is more practical than decorative, although you can cover it with wrapping paper or other decorative materials to jazz things up a little bit. So, all you need to do is fill an empty wine bottle with citronella, fashion out a reducer, insert your wick, and fire away. The materials you need are copper coupling, tiki replacement wick, nylon thread seal tape, recycled bottle, and citronella torch fuel.

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