The ideas below are great to use everything in your home for valuable purposes including the basket decoration. Now, check all the inspiration in DIY Tricks To Use Basket For More Valuable Purposes.

Basket Pack Ideas

Basket pack ideas DIY Tricks To Use Basket For More Valuable Purposes


Are you looking for an easy project with a gorgeous result? Here is the basket pack project. To create a basket pack, you will need pieces of wood, long yardsticks, corrugated plastic, a pencil, a saw, chisel, tape measure, sandpaper, paint, and brush for the first stage.

Braided T-Shirt Yarn Basket


Braided t-shirt yarn basket DIY Tricks To Use Basket For More Valuable Purposes


raided t-shirt yarn basket uses an old t-shirt, thread, scissors, thimble, needles, and bee wax to turn old clothes into useful baskets. At first, you can make yarn from t-shirts, braid your rope, sew the bottom and side of the basket until the finish.

Basket Chandelier

This basket chandelier trick is the upgrade use of the basket. So, prepare the lights you want to use for this chandelier. Then, all you have to do is drill holes at the bottom of your basket and make sure they are fitting holes. Then, replace the bulb casing with baskets.

Painted Basket

Here you can transform old baskets you rarely use into trendy and fashionable ones by using acrylics. The materials you need are baskets, various colors of acrylic paint, various sizes of paint brushes, a cup of water for washing brushed between colors, and a plate for paints. You can start by using a small brush to make outlines of the desired pattern. Next, you can use a larger brush to paint the shape.  Then, alternate between the different sizes to create a beautiful piece. It is a requirement first to determine the color scheme you are going for.

Wire Basket

It is the most straightforward basket idea as you will need a few minutes to complete it. The supplies you will need for this project are hardware cloth, working gloves, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, and a ruler. For this project, you can roll the cloth while determining the size of the basket. Next, use the wires to come up with the shape. Then, use the remaining wire to connect the sides. For the last, you can connect all the sides to complete your basket.

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