Get ready for spring! Do something for your garden to make it live up this season. It doesn’t need to cost much or many times to create something different for your garden for this spring. However, you have to show your creativity to renew your garden look. In addition, you can do some DIY assortments project for this spring as follow;

Rail Mason Jars on an Assortment

Rail mason jars on an assortment

Light up your garden through this Mason jar at night will make your back yard look wonderful. It neither requires much budget nor much effort to do. This is a simple work but will change your garden.

Wooden Walkway

Wooden walkway

When you guest come to your garden, they will be surprised by this wooden pathway. Prepare some wooden board and arrange it along the way to go to your garden.  This pathway makes your garden look more natural.

Nice DIY Suspended Garden

Nice diy suspended garden

This is vertical garden to try this spring to make your house look fresh. Take some pots and plant the planters you like. Arrange them vertically and hang them at your front yard or anywhere as your desire.

Assortment Gardening Counter

Assortment gardening counter

Save your gardening counter at the right place. It should be easy to reach anytime you want to plant something or when you need to renew your garden. Pay attention to put this gardening counter in a place which will not make it broken.

Garden Tool Storage Area

Garden tool storage area

Look at this multi functional storage!  This is not only unction or saving your garden tools but also for your planter. See the pot which put at the first line, while some garden tools put underneath. You must have this!

Rainbow Canister Planters

Rainbow canister planters

Do you want to get new idea to recycle tin cans at your house? This rainbow canister planter can be one of your choices. This is easy for everyone even when you replace the tin cans with pallets. Have a great spring!

Assortment Potting Counter

Assortment potting counter

Put some pots at this potting counter. Here, you will see the variety of your flower grow together during this spring. What you need to have are wooden board, nails, and hammer. Do this project at this weekend; it will not take long time.

Colorful Assortment Flower Plot Planter

Colorful assortment flower plot planter

This will be fun project with your children this weekend. Choose the color you like whether red, yellow, green, and blue or others. After making the wooden board and paint it, you can arrange your pot with flower inside at this rainbow board.

Elevated Flower Plot

Elevated flower plot

Here, you can plant any planters you like at some pots and arrange it at this elevated flower plot. This small garden will be nice to be put on your backyard and or front yard. The variety of flowers inside this elevated flower plot make it looks like a small garden.


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