Decorating your house can either be your favorite thing to do or it can be the least enjoyable chore you have ever done.  Luckily for you, there are some easy decorating ideas that will help spruce up any part of your house in a snap with little stress.  By following these quick decorating tips, your house will instantly appear more welcoming and inviting to friends and family.  This is sure to lead to more guests arriving at your door! 

Live Plants Add Life

Your furniture might be full of life, but if your walls and floors are barren it can create a rather empty appearance.  Filling this space is crucial to sprucing up the look of your house and giving off an inviting atmosphere for guests.  This is where live plants come in handy.

Live plants come in all sizes and varieties making them perfect for any room in your house.  Succulents and cacti can be used as indoor plants to decorate living rooms and kitchens, while larger plants such as bamboo palms will work best in the dining area or family room.  No matter what space you are looking to decorate, there is a plant that will work for the occasion.

Also, you can use plants to decorate and fill up bare walls and walls without windows.  For example, hanging a wreath of green leaves or flowers on a wall with no windows will make it appear as though the room is filled with greenery.

Decorate with Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to update the appearance of any room.  Placing artistic works in various rooms around your house will create an environment that is welcoming and attractive.  And with stick on wall art being an option, you don’t need to drill holes in your wall in order to hang them up. While shopping for wall prints, be sure to take into consideration the lighting in each room you place artworks in.  For example, bathroom lighting can make colors appear dim, so lighter prints will work better.  This is also essential for bedrooms, where dim lights can make the colors of wall art appear dull and hazy.

Also, though some art pieces may seem like too much of a distraction in certain rooms, modern art is able to decorate all areas of your house while still remaining discreet and simple.  For example, kitchen wall art is a trendy look that will instantly update your home.  Art prints can be used to add elegance to an empty kitchen, or they can be used in the form of stickers for modern appliances such as microwaves and fridges.

Creative Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in any room.  It sets the mood and atmosphere of a space, not to mention it affects the appearance of furniture and accessories.  To decorate your house with lighting, be sure to turn off all overhead lights in a room. Then focus on smaller lamps that can fill the room with warm light from various angles.

This is particularly important for dark or dim spaces.  Having a lamp in these areas can not only brighten up the room but can also give off an inviting feel since smaller lamps provide more of a relaxed atmosphere.  This is essential for bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms where dim lights are more appropriate.

Also, candles are the best accessory to have when decorating.  Use them in your living room or family room for a romantic look, or use them in bedrooms and bathrooms to create a relaxing environment.

Get A Rug

Rugs can go a long way when decorating your house. Adding a rug with different patterns and textures in an empty space is sure to add color and detail.  And when it comes to fabrics, rugs provide the most options with cotton, jute, wool, and silk being commonly used materials for floor coverings.

Depending on the room you are decorating, cotton rugs will be a great fit for bedrooms and bathrooms as they provide a comfy feel that is sure to pamper your feet.  Also, jute and wool rugs can create romantic or vintage vibes in the living room or family room.

With silk rugs being much pricier than other varieties, they are best used in dining rooms or hallways that require an elegant touch.

All in all, rugs can be placed anywhere in your house for a detailed look like no other. You really cannot go wrong when decorating with rugs.

Decorating your house can be a very rewarding experience.  It allows you to express yourself creatively while also providing the opportunity to show off your personality and sense of style. Also, it ensures that guests are welcomed into an aesthetically pleasing environment that makes them feel at home, which is always good.



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