China touch design is defined by soft color palettes that blend often warm neutrals with punchy, saturated tones of red that considered the luckiest color in Chinese culture. If you love to have a china-touch design in your home decoration, this page is the right path.

Stylish Shelving

Stylish shelving How To Display China Touch To Your Home Decoration For Beautiful Spaces


This is one of the kitchen spots with a china touch design that presents a marble backsplash. You can see here, it uses a display of framed artwork and ceramic dishes to complement the kitchen’s curved walls. Thus, it looks clean, tidy, and stylish.

Satisfying Symmetry

Satisfying symmetry How To Display China Touch To Your Home Decoration For Beautiful Spaces


Look at this dining room, it shows you china touch in bright white dishes. It symmetrically hung n the wall which creates an elegant wall presentation.

A Pop Of Color

This gray cabinetry has bright and colorful dishes that shines through the glass display. It looks fresh and playful with the color.

All About The Antiques

Do you know that antique platters and majolica are incredibly most wanted items? Here you will see a showcased above a refurbished table that was once a bench. It looks unique and will steal any people’s attention.

Soothing Grays

If you have a neutral-colored dishware collection, this sophisticated gray cabinet is the best way for you to go. Thus, the whole presentation looks warm and tidy. Besides, it is complete with the carpet on the floor in a china touch.

Exotic And Magical Wallpaper Choices

Here is the iconic Chinoiserie wallpaper that is exotic and magical. This unique design element features a natural China atmosphere that combines great lighting, sofa, table, and table accessories.

Bamboo Inspiration

Bamboo inspration How To Display China Touch To Your Home Decoration For Beautiful Spaces


Bamboo is reflected in Chinese interior design that is a food staple to national treasure and symbol of virtue. When you have this kind of home accessories you will have harmony between mankind and nature.

Latticework Details

Latticework is actually considered to be one of the most important elements in Chinese design in detail, precision, and decoration. Here, lattices can be seen on anything from cabinet doors to shutters. Besides, in screens, they also play adding an element of privacy and seclusion.

The Lacquer Craft

To complete all your china touch home design, do not forget to have lacquer craft. It is a well-known craft that will be seen in every china home interior design. It has the right value of life while preserving culture.



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