Far too many Americans know the frustration of not having the sweeping green backyard we were promised as kids, as working hard, and being financially responsible is good life choices but the reality is there isn’t always room for a yard. Sometimes it’s cost, sometimes it’s location, and sometimes it’s relentless weather, regardless of the cause, not having a proper yard to kick back in can be a huge downer. Luckily, there’s a solution, one that makes use of recycled plastics found in bags and bottles to create something completely new.

Not the crinkly stuff in Easter baskets

Artificial grass is primarily comprised of a plastic-poly blend including nylon and other recycled materials. Created with the intention of imitating real grass in look and texture, a healthy emerald color, and tough blades meant to withstand plenty of activities. You can read more at this link for additional information on how artificial grass is made: http://www.madehow.com/Volume-7/Artificial-Turf.html Safe for children as well as animals excluding certain allergies, you can easily clean up spills like icecream or sodas, and even pet messes, with little more than a garden hose. Installed over dead ground or concrete, you can reclaim any space to make it a green grotto to relax in with the right turf.

Condos and apartments often offer fine balconies for their tenants to enjoy limited outdoor space. Some houses are built beautifully but have no room due to the design of local development to have full-size yards, or perhaps any yard at all, but if you have empty floor space you can change that!

From use in the NFL to uses in your backyard

Originating as an alternative to natural grass for football stadiums, artificial turf became a staple for numerous sports franchises. Eventually, civilians had the revelation that turf could make an excellent stand-in for the areas in need of a little color and texture in their homes, like indoor putting greens set up in the garage, shed, or basement. In many cases, it’s a deck or patio that serves as the entire “entertaining” space for people living in cramped cities, however, there is artificial grass for your deck. When people can’t host family barbeques because the only “yard” they have to speak of is a slab of concrete just outside their backdoor, artificial grass can be the perfect option.

For parents of human children or fur babies of any kind, having a space for your beloved little ones to run around and play safely in can be invaluable. Should you live in the city, or a climate that is too harsh for real grass to grow, having a professional install artificial grass is the easiest and fastest alternative to making long walks or drives to the closest public park. If you find yourself longing for the feeling of sitting on your lawn with a cold drink and a comfortable lawn chair, look no further than artificial grass to cover your porch or deck, even just a rectangle of concrete outside your apartment. Pros with plenty of experience to handle whatever size or type of space you have can tackle the job and complete it to the finest standards in the industry.

The toughest alternative on the market

Durable enough to last decades, turf can be a blessing to future generations who may inhabit your home after you. If you have a house or condo to leave behind to loved ones, having an artificial lawn installed already means they can simply continue to enjoy it, rather than worry about how to install one themselves, or how they could possibly create an environment to grow real grass.


Because of how long it lasts, typically around twenty years, artificial grass is an excellent investment in the beautification of your lawn or yard, adding curb appeal even to apartment balconies or the decks of a duplex. Requiring minimal maintenance in order to keep it up, elderly residents or any person with medical troubles have drastically less responsibility to worry about to keep their yard looking beautiful. Cleaning with a hose will take care of nearly all messes, special designs on the underside of the turf allow the flow of liquids beneath the turf.


It is important to be mindful of any allergies, specifically an allergy to latex or similar allergens, which is better explained at this site. There is also the fact that if you have concrete beneath the turf that can be stained, you’ll want to do additional cleanup to ensure any substances that could leave marks behind, such as oil, are properly removed. Beyond these minor concerns to bear in mind when considering if artificial turf can work for you and your family’s needs, you can make an educated decision on how best to go forward with taking back your lawn for any and all backyard fun you could want.

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