The one who will spend more time in the kitchen will wish to refresh the decoration. Due to a kitchen often gets messy, spruce up its decoration is a great idea. However, we need low budget things to stay safe in our balance. DIY projects will be much better. What we have to do will not so hard. As long as we are brave enough to try, the kitchen can appear prettier. Check out our DIY ideas for kitchen below;

Apply Wood Countertops

Apply wood countertops

It is not a must to have a similar surface for all. You are pleased to install wood countertops on the island to add a ton of character. Then, put on some plants on it. Then, you will see how beautiful your kitchen after that.

Get Tin-Tile Backsplash

Get tin-tile backsplash

You will have a tin-tile backsplash with under $100. Applying tin-tile will spruce up the kitchen appearance. Moreover, it is easy to clean and add more texture. There various finishes that you can choose for your cooking space.

Unexpected Storage Space

Unexpected storage space

Get your kitchen gadget arranged well in the wall. Don’t worry about the budget. You only need to take a wooden palette and make it as a shelf to store fragile items, kitchen equipment, and other gadgets.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic tile backsplash

What a cool decoration! In this kitchen, the mosaic tile backsplash takes as the key interest. Furthermore, it also works well with other pieces in the decor.  You will gain a kitchen that so messes, chic, and eye-catching.

Funky Industrial Shelves

Funky industrial shelves

The owner decides to expose the wall by applying funky industrial shelves. Look at the galvanized pipes that work well with the wooden shelves. Those elements create such a cool decoration that so neat and clean.

Hanging Cookware On A Rack

Hanging cookware on a rack

No space in the cabinet? Don’t worry! You are still able to gain a tidy cooking space by hanging your cookware. Luckily, it can be made by yourself. Hang a ladder or you may create it in other forms to hang your cookware over the island.

Replace The Hardware

Replace the hardware

Change the cabinet will need a lot of money to replace the hardware is easy and inexpensive. Just look for knobs and pulls. Make sure that you’ve got the same size. Change them and get a new cabinet appearance.


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