The term ‘curb appeal’ refers to the impression given by a property when viewed from the street. It deals with how it looks at first sight and is very important in attracting potential buyers. A commercial property needs all the help it can get to stand out from its competitors and this is where effective curb appeal comes into the picture. The importance of this concept is not lost on real estate agents and other professionals who can boost a property’s appeal by investing in simple yet effective ways to enhance the curb appeal of your commercial property. Here are eight proven ways in which you can do the same.

Look for ocular obstruction issues

When potential buyers or clients drive up to your property, they should have a clear view of the entire structure. If there are trees, big signs, or other obstructions in their line of sight, it may give them a bad impression right from the start. This includes any obstruction caused by large trucks or the lack of adequate vehicle parking space near your building. 

You should therefore get rid of these elements if possible or take steps to minimize how much they overshadow the building by trimming the trees and trying to place smaller signage closer to its walls rather than on top of them where it will be too visible. The cost of hiring professionals for this purpose is often compensated by increased turnover due to improved curb appeal.

Maintain your property thoroughly

Even though you shouldn’t go overboard with how much you spend on maintaining your commercial property, you would do yourself a favor by at least staying on top of the most visible parts of its exterior. As seen on,  these include doors, windows, roofing, and any other features that can be easily seen from the street. Your aim should be to keep these parts of your building in at least a decent condition by fixing any broken elements as soon as possible. If you have the resources, it would also help if you hired professionals for this purpose because they will do a better job than a non-expert or a beginner might.

Work with your neighbors

The exterior of your commercial property will not stand out as much as it should if there is already a run-down or abandoned building next to it. You can significantly improve your curb appeal by working with your concerned neighbors to beautify and improve the quality of the entire neighborhood. If they also see the value in this idea, you may all be able to invest in landscaping and other improvement projects that will make your area more attractive and appealing to potential buyers and clients. This strategy will often pay off not only for those who physically own properties there but also for those who hold mortgages on these buildings as well.

Increase light exposure 

Natural light brings out the best in any property. If lack of adequate lighting is your problem, you should try adding brighter or bigger windows that give off more natural light during the day. This will make anyone who passes by feeling more positive about your building. If large windows are not possible due to structural limitations, you may consider using stained glass window films that produce the same effect without damaging your building’s façade. Also,  you should make sure that dark spots around your property are lit up well since they may influence people’s opinions about it. This is especially true if they feature historical elements such as colonial-style buildings which look even more attractive when well-lit at night.

Take a look at your parking lot

If your building is located in an area where there are plenty of other similar structures nearby, you may not see the need to invest much in your parking lot. However, even if it’s just one part of the building that is turning people away, they will be less enthusiastic about visiting an establishment whose premises look like a dangerous war zone due to lack of maintenance. You can solve this issue by investing in landscape lighting so potential customers feel safer when they visit at night or by painting the lines between parking spots clearly so everyone knows which space they have booked.

Upgrade the exterior decoration

If your building features historical detailing, you can try adding special decorative touches like lighting or stained glass to accentuate these details without making them too ostentatious for contemporary tastes. You may also consider replacing smaller items such as light fixtures and door handles to give the place an updated appearance while preserving its unique character. Besides, you will be doing your building a favor by making it appear more contemporary since even small details like this can influence people’s decisions about visiting the property or not.

Get rid of the clutter

There is nothing more unappealing than a building that has too much stuff piled up on the outside. Unless you are operating a junkyard, you should try removing all items that do not contribute to the overall look of your property such as old signs or vending machines. If there is any room inside your building where these items can be temporarily stored until they are sold, it may be worth keeping them around for this purpose rather than just haphazardly dumping them on the front lawn.

Add some greenery

Grass and shrubbery can improve commercial properties by adding color and creating an oasis-like atmosphere right in the middle of urban sprawl. If there is no plan to build upon your property shortly, you should consider planting trees or flowers in areas that are easily accessible to pedestrians so they can enjoy these benefits even when visiting with friends and family. If not taken care of properly, this may eventually lead to an increase in the litter but this will only occur when people no longer see it as a pleasant place for them to relax at.

Conclusively, there are several ways in which you can improve the curb appeal of your commercial property. The aforementioned methods have been proven to be highly effective, but that doesn’t mean that other solutions won’t work just as well. All you have to do is to take a look at your building and think about what improvements will make it more attractive to visitors since there are steps you can take even if your building isn’t located in the best part of town or does not feature any historical detailing.

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