What if the worst happens and your house is destroyed by fire? When a fire breaks out in a home, it may be a frightening experience for the owner, regardless of the severity of the situation. No matter if the fire causes extensive structural damage across the property or only minor aesthetic damage in a single room, the homeowner may be concerned that it will make selling their home more difficult. Here are some useful tips on how to sell your fire-damaged property.

Which Materials Can Be Salvaged

After the fire brigade has put out the fire, you need to assess how damaged the home is. If you can, you should ask the firefighters what part of the house is damaged, what can be repaired, for what there is no hope, or whether you need to destroy the whole thing. You may have to consult your local government, to ask whether there is some protocol, or whether you can start your repairs or demolition right away. It could be very difficult for you to think about these things after you have witnessed such a horrible situation happen before your eyes, but you need to stop and consider your next steps.

How To Sell It

To some people, selling their house where they have grown up is difficult, but this probably needs to happen. If you don’t need to do any repairs nor demolish the whole place, you are in luck. You should know that there are companies that buy them, including We Buy Fire Damaged Houses, if you want to quickly sell them. Selling the house in the current post-fire condition is probably your best move. If you decide to sell it right away, you will save time and money for the repairs. If you start to repair your house, you will most likely find it more expensive than selling the house for a lower price. If you have considerable time at your hand, you should consider doing the entire sale yourself, since you won’t have to pay any fees to agents. Also, since there was a fire, possible buyers will most likely have some questions and since you are the direct seller, you can answer them personally. 

Repairing It

Once you have been advised by professionals, and are told that the damage is manageable, you could try and fix the damage, especially if the fire did almost no damage. If you are not knowledgeable about repairing the home yourself, you should appoint professionals to check the house for you. If you would do it by yourself, you could oversee something which could lead to future problems- even dangerous situations. Once you repair your home and you decide that you want to sell it, you should know that if you are upfront with the damages, the price should be less than the house was worth before the fire. 


This is a heartbreaking time for many because after having many beautiful memories in your house, you have to bring an end to it. Think of it as a new chapter to your life, a new leaf. If you would try to sell your house as it is, after a fire, it could be very difficult, and if you repair it, the total money could not be worth the house. Thus, demolition is needed. Once when you demolish your house you can build a new one or just sell the land. You also could demolish just one part of the house, the part most burned up, and then rebuild it. If this is possible, it would be a great solution for you.

Marketing a Fire Damaged House

Once you have looked through all of your options, and you have decided to sell your house as it is, you need to consider some things. You have to know that the price of your house after the fire will be lower than the one before, thus price it accordingly. You should also classify whether the house is suitable for people to live in it. If the house has a burned-down roof, it is not suited for a family to live in it, but rather there should be someone who would buy it to demolish it. If there are considerable repairs to be done to the home, it is very unlikely that a family would buy it, unless you do the repairs before selling it. 

We all can imagine the state that you are in after such calamities befall you, but you need to stay level-headed. After you assess your situation, think wisely and quickly and be determined. There are a lot of solutions and everyone is good for different scenarios, but you need to calculate what approach you want to take. See this experience as a start of something new, a possible better tomorrow. 




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