If you are the type of person who likes peace, comfort and a romantic personality, then the farmhouse is the right home design style for you. The farmhouse is an interior design style that applies a rural atmosphere that is calm and blends with nature into the room of the house. Farmhouse style home decorations often feature a warm and friendly atmosphere. Present this style in colors like brown, beige, white, light yellow, brick red, orange to dark blue. These colors will give the impression of a quiet, warm and comfortable farmhouse.

The use of wood materials and combined with other furniture that is a bit modern is the right way. For sofas, you can use materials made of soft cloth with a neutral color. To beautify the room, you can use wood and plant elements. Also, add wall hangings such as paintings or other ornaments at the entrance area, this item is to impress your guests.

Entry Wall Gallery

Entries are colorful and look much better organized with beautiful gallery walls. You can put an eclectic mix of photographs of prints and artwork used to create an inimitable gallery wall. And a very pleasant collection like this is perfect when you want to tell a story using the entrance as your little stage to create this amazing entrance gallery wall, or it can also be a collection of photos and your little one’s personal belongings.

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Message Board

Many pumpkin and whiteboard arts decorate your entries to invite guests or relatives in. The nice thing about the DIY whiteboard, you can move it to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., by simply deleting and creating a new chalk theme or to make your work schedule a busy time. This can also stay out from September to November. Photo frames can also be changed with the season to display new themes. If you want, you can get it nice and beautiful by making it at home.

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Rustic Wood Frame

I loved this sign at the entrance, this is indeed relevant for everyone. make as much as possible with vinyl that is attached to the plywood and framed DIY. added with painted walls, decorations on the bench, and baskets under the bench to get a happy atmosphere after outside the house is perfect and this is very good for a beautiful and elegant entrance that will provide the truth for you.

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Wood Beam Curtain

Wooden beams with curtains and this is very good and feels old-fashioned. This simple addition will turn any boring entry into a beautiful farmhouse. It might look complicated with wooden blocks attached to the ceiling, but this farmhouse decoration is the type of project that you can complete in one fast enough time. it is best to use the right type of material. To follow a true farmhouse fashion, look for recycled barn wood and lace that look chic vintage.

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Lighting is very important Your entry must have good lighting. It may be a challenge to walk into a dark room, let alone feel welcomed when you can barely see the face of your host. Even though this is something to consider, the holiday season is very important to have bright and cheerful things. don’t let the ceiling feel blank or accidental. this is very important for your pleasant and comfortable entry.

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Rustic Ladder

This rustic wooden ladder is very useful and can sweeten the look of your beautiful and cheerful home. Fantastic decoration can make the state of mind of the occupants or guests become happier. You can see a variety of the latest minimalist flowers to place there and you can also fill your walls in various ways such as gallery walls, wooden storage, and which are easily aligned with the color of white benches, and your room space.

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Wooden Necklace Holder

You can make beautiful and economical jewelry holders using rotten wood that is not useful. Gather some wood, glue, rustic nails and screws and hooks and beads hang them on the wall. You can decorate your jewelry hangers with jewelry items that are not used anymore to give a unique and antique look to your rural home.

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Pallet Coffee Station

Rustic wood coffee racks home decoration, using wooden pallets, items similar to coffee cabinet shelves, rustic coffee cup racks made of wooden pallets attached to the wall to save your space. This also satisfies the vibrations of your home wall just add a hook. This is a beautiful way to display your Pallet Coffee Station and as close as possible.

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Decorating farmhouses will usually calm your heart. You feel psychologically at peace and can reduce stress after a day of activities. Decorating ideas replicate the ’80s and’ 90s styles. This design style requires a soft color palette that displays a comfortable and warm impression. White is a mandatory color that must be applied to farmhouse decorations, but you can also use other colors such as broken white, maroon, pale yellow, Wedgwood blue, or olive green.

Even though the farmhouse involves modern furniture, the actual design of the farmhouse is to bring a traditional, rural look. You should avoid using furniture or factory-made accessories. Try to make every detail human-made. In the case of furniture, for example, select furniture made from wood that is made and carved manually. The curtains can give a romantic feel of the past in a house with a distinctive rustic design. You do not need to use expensive curtains, just choose curtains that are thin and white, then put it on the window in your home.



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