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31 Cute DIY Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

Mason jar can be used to be so many utilization by creating the DIY of it. It is really useful and has the possibility to be made into ornament, container, lighting and more. I believe that you must have lot of unused mason jar in your home and it is too pity if you don’t function it into certain utilization. You just have to simply decorate the mason jar so that it could have a better look.

Let’s start with the ornament! You can create it by adding some pretty stuffs like beads, grain, foliage, or stones. If you want to make it prettier and has the functional value, you can add lamp into it and use it as your decorative lighting.

If giving lamp is too hard for you, then you can simply put candle into it. Place it in your living room or bedroom for your prettier decoration.

DIY lanterns from mason jar
Citronella Candles Mason Jar
Used for storing liquid soap
Hanging candles jar
Mason Jar Planter Holder to Plant Herbs
mason jar to plant succulents
Toothbrush Holder Jar
Mason Jar to store the beauty tools
Mason Jar to Store Tissue
Mason Jar to Store Toothpick

Image Source

Autumn leaf candle holder with mason jar
black mason jar to store stationery
decorative lighting mason jar with foliage inside
fall mason jar craft
Floating Candles with twig
Harvest Burlap Display with mason jar
mason jar candle holder with grain inside
mason jar craft centerpiece table to store straw
mason jar craft to store candy
mason jar planter
mason jar vase with plaid pattern
mason jar fall crafts for food gift
fruit storage mason jar
Mason jar lantern with pumpkin shape
mason jar ornament with pine cone pattern
mason jars and burlap as vases
orange and white mason jar Halloween craft
orange and yellow mason jar for your home decoration
red mason jar to store stationary
Spice Mason Jar Candles
white mason jar craft functioned as vase

Image Source

For the more functional DIY mason jar, you can make it into stationery storage, tissue jar, or even planter for the real living plants or simply to function the jar to be the vase. You can also use it to place some foods like cookies, candy, or chocolate.

It’s like you reuse the mason jar to be the food container since it is made of glass that will be really good for food.

In case to make it look more impressive, you have to decorate it. You can paint it by using the paint color that is suitable for glass material. Or, you can simply decorate it by using colorful paper. Add with any ribbon and certain rope material to build the impression that you want. The beads, grain, twig, or foliage will also worthy. Just simply choose the decoration materials based on the style that you want to bring.

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