Actually, Students have limited monthly money. Therefore, you are also required to be able to manage financially. One way is to creatively process the used goods that can be transformed into super useful items. Instead of throwing away, you can process plastic bottles into useful items. In fact, to make this DIY only takes a short time and no cost.

  1. A warm sleeping light that feels the atmosphere becomes romantic


Let’s make a romantic and free light sleeper! It just needs a cable light, plastic bottle and HVS paper.

  1. Unique multipurpose plugs that make stuff scattered


Make a hanging jar for your snack. Just need to prepare eyebolt and used bottle of soda that has been perforated. In order for the hand to reach objects in the bottle more easily.

  1. Simple container


Have lots of loose change and spare accessories in the room? Just make a container from a plastic bottle.

  1. Dispenser any shape as you wish


Do you have a lot of crackle bags scattered around the room? Just place it in a used soda bottle that has been turned into a dispenser. Bias for tissue, paper, crackle, etc.

  1. Cute plant pots


Hanging pots you do not need to buy, you can make it from the body and neck plastic bottles are hung upside down. So more funny and unique.

  1. Make your own pot art creations


This potted plant for you who want to be creative. Can make from plastic bottles that have been painted and hung with a hemp rope.

  1. Pot with patchwork or unused cloth


If you want a sweet pot hanging you can wrap the plastic bottles used with different patterns.

  1. Wind chime room decoration


Let’s make your own wind chime! You can make from plastic bottles, hemp rope, rocks, and shells.

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