Compared to save the results of polaroid photos in the wallet or album, you can actually make polaroid photos as home decor. Not only presents the uniqueness, using polaroid photos as decoration also presents its own sentimental feelings. You just need to listen to the next explanation related to the various styles of polaroid photo decoration below.

1 Memory Traveling


For those of you who like to capture the moments of traveling with polaroid photos, try to make decorations that can evoke memories. Put a poster on the wall of the world map, then paste the photos of your choice around him.

2 Hanging Photos Display


Hanging models are laying down that people use quite often. Completeness required include small rope or other types of tape, masking tape, and also a small clip of wood or iron.

3 Polaroid Photos Fringed


Bored with the appearance of a polaroid photo display hanging that is ordinary? Try giving a tiny accent on the surface to make the photo look different. For example, attaching lace or fringe with attractive colors. An example can be seen in the picture above.

4 Standing Photos View


If usually hanged or taped, try shooting polaroid photos of your shots with standing position. Before making a photo display stand up, collect some materials such as small wooden beams, wooden clips and colorful paint first.

5 Wreath Polaroid Photos


Creating a wreath or a circular hanger from a polaroid photo is also interesting to try! Decorations with models like this can sweeten a variety of surfaces, one of which is the door to another room or room in the house.

6 Lined up Neatly in Frame


By pasting it in the frame, the look of the polaroid photo decoration will look more unique and not the market as it has been. Arrange according to the shape of the choice frame, then spacing the distance between one photo and the other.

7 Polaroid Photos Between Tumblr Lights


This one concept will combine two contemporary d├ęcor: polaroid photo hanger and tumblr lamp.

8 Small twig with Hanging Polaroid Photos


Such a concept confirms that, as it were, the photographs hanging on the twigs were fruit. The trick is easy! You just need to associate each photo on the twig that has been placed in the pot. Make sure the branch is imitation, do not use the original.

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