Wooden or galvanized metal chicken nesting boxes are not just for your backyard. They can actually looks great inside your home. There are so many DIY projects that you can make using chicken nesting boxes. Check out these 8 creative DIY ideas to use chicken nesting boxes below to inspire you. So, the next time you go thrifting, flea market or shopping, keep your eyes out for chicken nesting boxes.

1. Bookshelves and Storage


Use the chicken nesting boxes to store your book and magazine collection to create a cozy reading area in your house.

2. Shoe Holder

Store your wet and muddy boots and shoes in one of these units in your garage or back porch made by a chicken nesting boxes.

3. Hallway Catchall

Use the chicken nesting boxes for a serious storage or just to display your trinkets. A wooden set of boxes adds charm and character to your empty hallway.

4. Wall Shelf

Bring the chicken nesting boxes to your kitchen and make it as a wall shelf to highlight your favorite glasses, pitchers, or any kitchen collectible in a hanging unit.

5. Porch Decor

Keep the chicken nesting boxes on your porch, and you’ve got the perfect place to house pumpkins in the fall, Christmas decor in the winter, fresh flowers in spring, and more seasonal greenery in the summer.

6. Potting Station

Store seeds, soil, gardening tools, pots, and everything else you may need to garden in these galvanized pieces.

7. Dining Room Hutch

Drop on an antique hutch or large focal piece for your dining room with a nesting boxes over an older dresser, buffet table, or whatever else you may own, and you’ll have instant storage and height.

8. Toy Storage

Turn a chicken nesting boxes into a neatly house for the kid’s toys and games. It is both a functional, practice piece that embodies rustic, country style.

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