Changes are very positive when applied to the universe of architecture and interior design. New features are launched or resumed each year to enhance the built spaces. If you don’t want to be left out of updates, you need to know the top 2022 decor trends.

A quick survey is enough to see that many clues have already been given by professionals who work with innovation and project development. So the tip is to check out what’s hot and take advantage of ideas that somehow relate to your lifestyle.

Some proposals manage to add a touch of personality while optimizing the use of areas. The team of Capital Smart City is here to help! So, keep on reading on to learn more about what’s new and get good references!

1. Organic Forms

They are considered imperfect for not having a standard, but this is a characteristic that contributes to exclusivity. To make your choices right, think about the elements found in nature: clouds, mountains, streams, rocks, and roots are good examples of features with irregular contours.

Organic shapes can appear in the designs of a wallpaper, the finishing of lighting fixtures, and furniture details. It is one of the easiest 2022 decor trends to apply, especially if you are used to working with arrangements that refer to the 4 elements: fire, air, earth, and water.

2. New Minimalism

The trend that prioritizes the essential is nothing new. In fact, it has gained so much relevance that it continues to inspire people when planning their homes. It turns out that minimalism is taking on a new face because of the recent need for social detachment.

As families spend more time inside their homes, they feel the need to put a little more comfort in the areas decorated in such a simple style. The basis remains the same: to avoid excesses and keep only what matters and is useful.

The difference is due to the details: a warm-colored wall to bring coziness, a soft fabric to cover the seating areas, a set of colorful pillows to brighten the environment, a collection of plants to break the monotony, etc.

3. Natural Elements

Following a proposal similar to that of organic forms, nature will also be very present in the decoration trends for 2022. The idea is to go beyond the traditional use of flowers and ornamental foliage to present other external resources in the rooms.

You might consider, for example, replacing the current floor coverings with wooden planks and enhancing a wall with a stone panel. Natural fibers and fabrics are also welcome, whether to compose furniture items or highlight accessories.

To further enhance the natural refuge effect, try to keep all openings free of curtains and obstacles. This will make the sunlight clear and reach various home parts throughout the day.

4. Retro Style

Some solutions always return to the top of the preference list, as with retro design. It is advantageous for bringing the same information as the vintage, but with a better cost-benefit ratio. This is because the pieces result from inspiration from the old theme and do not necessarily need to be originals from another time.

So, if you’ve always wanted to decorate your house with objects that tell a story and bring loving memories, the time is right. Valuable care not to get wrong in proportions is to mix elements of retro with modern items in order to balance references to the past and the future.

5. Gold

Typical of upscale and upscale homes, this metallic finish will catch the eye among 2022 decor trends. It harmonizes beautifully with a classic and romantic style, and can work on any other theme you like if used in the right dose.

So, you can get ready to purchase items that refer to the beautiful gold: picture frames and mirrors, vases and scarves, tableware and trays, coverings, sculptures, fruit bowls, trinket boxes, and even furniture components such as handles and mirrored areas.

You can also use gold in the composition through fabrics. For example, a rug with threads with metal or curtains that bring details in lurex.

6. Versatile Spaces

Another reflection of the prolonged stay in the places of residence is the search for solutions that optimize the space in the rooms. Both the pandemic and the growth of flexible working hours required adaptations so that people could work or study at home.

In this sense, projects are expected to emerge more and more suited to this need to carry out numerous tasks in a single place. This is clear in ideas such as cloffice, which consists of embedding small offices inside cabinets. The developing authority of nova city has made sure that there are a number of designated buildings for offices. 

The goal is to create workstations in underutilized areas of the home. Thus, in addition to finding an organized corner to develop their services, the resident still keeps everything in order when completing the activities.

7. Multifunctional Furniture

They are essential to building versatile spaces and deserve to be highlighted among the 2022 decoration trends. As the name implies, they are pieces that fulfill two or more functions to save space, reduce costs, and facilitate residents’ daily lives.

Very popular examples include the sofa bed and the extendable table, as they have adjustments that allow you to adapt the structure to the desired use. But you don’t have to limit yourself to factory-ready models. When ordering a planned piece of furniture, for example, it is possible to add new functions and take advantage of every available inch.

Another favorable point is choosing the type of finishing of the pieces, always respecting the aesthetics present in the venue. After all, more than conquering a practical and functional environment, you will want to feel that the place really has your face.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the colors that will make up the main trends for the next year! For more suggestions likes these, visit tajarat , where a team of highly professional individuals are present to help you. 

The Pantone, the worldwide reference in the printing industry and fashion, presented the Year color for 2022: PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. A new Pantone color with an encouraging presence that encourages innovation and creativity.

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