The decoration niches have been used more and more, mainly because they help in an aesthetic issue and facilitate organization and enhance spaces in your home.

In addition, they can help reinforce the style you want to adopt in your home. For example, if you are looking for something more rustic, wooden niches can help compose an environment within what you want.

Many people are interested in adopting them in decor but don’t know how to get started. Is it your case? Read on and check out 6 amazing suggestions brought by the team of kingdom valley. Good reading!

1. Create a Shelf with Niches

For those who are passionate about reading, a good way to compose the environment to store their books is to use the niches. It is even a way to create an interesting decoration, for example, for your office, helping to organize a more interesting environment. Nice, isn’t it?

2. Make a Playful Space for the Little Ones

A cutout made on walls or even on planned furniture can create a playful environment so that children can have even more fun at home. For example, you can create a kind of “hideout” or “hut” for them and, thus, they have more space to play.

Another point is that the niches can help store toys for the little ones. Thus, it can help in the organization and in making the space more beautiful.

3. Use a Landscape Element 

Niches can be used, for example, in landscaping strategies in your home. You can use them to place plants in your home vertically and thus create exciting compositions for your decor.

4. Delimit Environments with the Niche

Niches can also be used as a way of delimiting environments. This can be interesting, especially if you want to enhance the spaces of the place. For example, it is possible to place a larger table in the room, using the niche to expand the available space.

With this, it is possible to ensure greater use of the environment or provide greater fluidity, even ensuring more free space in the rooms, bringing greater comfort. At taj residencia, you have the opportunity to create and design a niche according to your taste. 

5. Bet on Colors

Another interesting point to work with niches in your home is also to use them to work the colors in your environments. So, don’t hesitate to use it to compose the color palette of that room.

6. Use to Separate Integrated Environments

Some people also use niches to separate integrated environments, helping to generate a more efficient decoration in their daily lives. For example, if you have a kitchen integrated with the dining room, separated by an American countertop, the niches can also be part of the countertop.

You can decorate with pieces that can compose the dining room (plates, glasses, mugs, among others) or even decorative items that help compose the environment. Interesting, isn’t it?

Decorating with niches is a great opportunity to make your home more beautiful and, at the same time, help with the functionality of the environment. So, don’t forget to consider this possibility and for more ideas like these visit nphp, where a team of professionals will be happy to help you.  

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