It’s been almost a year (or even a year for other people!) since the pandemic hit and restrictions have curbed people’s spirits in going out and meeting other people. Now that people aren’t able to go out and about with their friends like they used to, they’re simply stuck at home wondering what they can do to wait for the lockdown restrictions out.

One such way that people have been doing so is by indoor redecorating. Some prefer going for entirely new furnishings, while others prefer going the DIY style that helps test their creative skills more. This article is here for the people on the latter side that might need a little inspiration on what they can do to brighten up their house.

Make wood look new again.

How’s your wooden floor doing? How about the handrails by the stairs? Or your skirting board? Or your wooden table and cup holders?

Wooden furniture and flooring have a lovely reputation for being able to stay intact and relatively the same for decades and can easily spruce up any household by giving it a more natural look, thanks to being made to look like it came from the tree it was made from.

However, for as good as wood is, even they will eventually wear themselves down, or at least not shine as brightly as they once did when you get it brand new.

While you’re stuck at home with not much to do, why not whip out the good ol’ paintbrush and give your wooden furniture and floors a good paint job to make them feel shiny and new again?

You would be surprised at how much even a simple act of applying a wood finish can impact the atmosphere of your house, simply by way of one aspect feeling like it just came out of the store.

Paint some tiles.

And while you have the paint cans out, you might as well give some parts of your house a nice coat of paint as well.

Your tiles, for instance, might not be appealing anymore with its bland white or gray-ish colors, bringing the feeling of your house down. Like the wooden parts of your house, applying a fresh coat of paint to some of your tiles helps give your house a feeling like it is brand new, even though all you did was change the colors up a bit. Not only that, but you can also take control of the type of colors you can use to brighten up your house, it certainly helps those with a creative spirit let loose.

Just don’t forget to clean those tiles beforehand! Dusty or dirty surfaces can make for a difficult painting experience.

Change up your curtains.

How are your house curtains looking? Have you changed those in the past month or so? Aren’t they getting kind of dusty?

While not as big a change as painting your house might be, changing up your curtains to other pairs that your house might have will definitely help contribute to giving your house a newer shine.

But here’s a suggestion – you can also order curtains online that can help you as well. Going for made to measure curtains, in particular, can be extremely helpful in making sure that the curtains you get completely fit the mood or atmosphere of the house that you’re going for while doing these renovations.

Hidden shoe storage

If you have a couple of shoes or area shoe collectors, you probably have your shoes stored in some cubbies, right? While not necessarily an unpleasant sight, seeing your shoes in plain view of the house might make one feel like their house is cluttered. After all, no one really likes having clothes that can be seen outside, right? We always put them in closets or drawers where we can easily reach for them.

There is an easy way for you to make such shoe placements look better: with the use of fabric and accessories.

I’m sure you have a table skirt or two hidden around that you don’t always use unless there are guests, and since many places around the world are still in lockdown mode, you probably aren’t really getting much use out of them. Well, now you can. Draping these table skirts over your shoe cubbies will make your room feel less cluttered while adding yet another endearing design for your house.

Add some upholstery.

Speaking of fabric though, why not try covering some of your other furniture as well? Chairs, tables, cupboards, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with your own furniture. 

Of course, you don’t have to cover the entirety of your chairs with it. For instance, adding some padding on the chairs to make it feel much more comfortable when sitting down can make all the difference in giving your home a relaxing vibe that anyone can stay in.

The best thing about this is that you don’t even need to buy new fabric. You can utilize the ones you already have, such as old blankets that you don’t use anymore.

Turn cabinet doors into trays.

Hear me out on this. Your old cabinet doors that aren’t too large would be perfect as a tray for your cups and plates. No, really.

Unless it’s gargantuan in size (like the ones bigger than or as tall as you), a cabinet door can easily be turned into a tray or even a cheeseboard.

You simply need to fill every hole in the board with wood filler (to ensure that nothing falls through) and to sand and paint the surface when it dries.

Use old clothes as coasters.

No, not your entire shirt. Having one big shirt for one tiny mug just looks tacky, although I guess you could at least say that you won’t be worried about spills anytime soon.

Instead, what I’m actually getting at is that you can use bits and pieces of your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore as a nice alternative coaster. Wool clothes are one of the best options here, thanks to their fluffy material. Washing it in hot water then drying it will make it soft after around three rounds.

After which, use a large-mouthed/circle glass and a pencil or ballpen to trace circles all over your fabric. All you need to do after is get some scissors and snip a bunch out for a set!




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