Sometimes, we need a personal space just to take time for breaking up the busy world. Yes, we need a serenity hour to take a look deeper into our hearts. Moreover, the world has made us so busy. Hiding in a certain space with a cool DIY divider will boost our mood to face the world again. In this section, we are going to show DIY room dividers that you can make by hand. Let us check out further below and get more inspiration.

Pallet Wood Room Divider

Pallet wood room divider


This room divider looks rustic but nice for any bedroom style. The owner of this house uses this to separate the bedroom and home office. Whenever some friends come, they still have a private bedroom are because of the partition.

Retro Style Room Divider

This innovative vinyl record divider will not only functioned as a room divider but decorative accent. For the one who loves a retro style for a bedroom, this room divider might look interesting. Furthermore, the materials are spread out around the world and can be found easily.

Exposed Lath Room Divider

If you live in a small house or apartment, this exposed lath room divider might work for you. When the room is designed in an open floor layout, you need a partition to separate the private area. Just like this decor with a room divider to separate the social area with a private bedroom.

Double Function Room Divider

Look at this room divider that actually a bookcase. You can build this simple furniture with woods. However, it will need several days to finish. Feel free to put on any book you want and arrange them in the bookcase to hide the room behind. So, you will gain your privacy area and a space to read your most favorite book.

Free Hanging Room Divider

Sure. You can hide your tired expression behind this free-hanging room divider. Buy a panel or more based on your need. Then, cover the panel with floral fabric or any pattern you love. Then hang the room divider in any space. This project is pretty easy and affordable to finish in less than a day.

Frosted Glass Room Divider

This room divider works well for one who lives in a studio apartment. With a tiny area, a frosted glass room divider will help the dweller so much. It creates a private area and keeps the room bright. So, it still looks larger than its size.

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