Instead of feeling so envy with your neighbor’s window boxes, why don’t you make it one for your own. In order to make a good window boxes, start it with good potting mix in it. When mixing up the soil, add a water storing crystal to the mix as your life saver. It absorb water and turn into clear jello looking blobs and hold the water in and slowly release it as needed.

Don’t forget to fertilize it once a week, so the flowers will blooming nice nice and full. Just ignore all the advice of the flower flats suggesting to space them so far from each other, just fill those boxes up with flowers. Last but not least, consider to plant the right flowers for your space. Now check out these 62 cheap and easy fall window boxes ideas below to inspire you.

Yellow Window Boxes from decorholic

Concrete Window Boxes from primainspirace

Wall Mount Window Boxes from magzhouse

Glossy Black Window Boxes

Landscaping Fall Window from southernliving

Christmas Window Boxes from jardinierparesseux

Rectangle Window Boxes

Ceramic Window Boxes from pistoncars

Black Wire Window Boxes from decoredo

Glossy Black Window Boxes from windowbox

Same Color Boxes with Shutter Window from matthewmurrey

Rustic Window Boxes from southernliving

Pumpkins Window Boxes from bhg

Modern Style Window Boxes from dekoru

Farmhouse Style Window Boxes from homepiez

Iron Window Boxes from primainspirace

DIY Straw Window Boxes from

Single White Window Boxes from onechitecture

Pallet Window Boxes

Recycle Drawer Into Window Boxes from trendedecor

Flower Window Boxes from teracee

Hanging Fall Window Boxes from hamptonsgarden

Plitur Wooden Boxes from gardenwithsstyle

Pumpkins and Vines Window Boxes from homepiez

Dwarf Evergreen In Window Boxes from housenliving

Traditional Window Boxes from dekoru

Flower-Colored Fall Window Box from homepiez

Large White Fall Window Boxes from decoredo

Wooden Pallet Window Boxes from lovahomy

Window Fall Vegetables Boxes from lushome

Wire Straw Window Boxes from gardeningsustain

Purple Colored Fall Window Box from bhg

Rustic Pallet Fall Window Box

Tropical Fall Window Box from magzhouse

Backyard Fall Window Box from bezgoroda

Vines Window Box

All Green Window Box from mydailyshe

Topiaries Window Box from homystyle

Evergreens Window Box from thespruce

Shade Loving Window Box from belihouse

Multicolored Flower for Window Box

Modern Outdoor Window Box from laurenboilini

Dry Roots for Wooden Box from dekoru

Wooden White Window Box from decoredo

Green Window Box from homeandgardenn

Wicker Fall Window Box from southernliving

Window Flowers Box from decomg

DIY White Window Box from homedepot

Straw with Iron Window Box from sudarushka

Blooming Flower for Window Box from belihouse

Modern White Window Box from 99homeideas

Orange Pumpkins from 99homeideas

Bold Color Window Box from 99homeideas

Box Plants Every Window from 99homeideas

Rustic Wire Window Box from 99homeideas

Wooden Gray Window Box from 99homeideas

Natural Wooden Window Box from 99homeideas

Floating Window Box from 99homeideas

Small Fall Window Box from 99homeideas

Burlap Ribbon as Ornament from 99homeideas

Greneery Window Box from thriftydecorchick

Wooden Black Window Box from thriftydecorchick


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  2. […] 62 Cheap and Easy Fall Window Boxes Ideas… […]

  3. […] 62 Cheap and Easy Fall Window Boxes Ideas… […]

  4. […] 62 Cheap and Easy Fall Window Boxes Ideas… […]

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