As a homeowner, you likely rely on your home insurance for protection and peace of mind. When the unexpected occurs – say a storm damages your house or an accident leaves broken glass strewn across the floor – it can be all too easy to panic. This is where public adjusters come in. Public Adjusters are privately employed insurance agents that work closely with homeowners to help them receive the maximum settlement possible on the property damaged in an insured event. In this article, we will help you understand the role and importance of hiring a public adjuster, by explaining six important things you should know about them.

They Are Insurance Experts

A public adjuster is an agent licensed by the state to represent you during settlement negotiations with your insurance company. As seen at, when you work with a public adjuster, they act on your behalf to assess the damage and negotiate fair compensation. As insurance experts, public adjusters become familiar with insurance policies, understand the complex legal jargon, and can spot inconsistency in claims reviews. They are also intimately familiar with the claim review process your insurance company is using so that they can help ensure that all damages are properly recorded.

They Can Help Maximize Your Settlement Amount

The settlement amount you receive from your insurance company is important. If you get a low settlement or none at all, it can come back to haunt you when filing future claims. This is why it’s critical to hire a public adjuster early on in the settlement process to help ensure you receive a fair and reasonable amount for the damage your insurance claim incurred. Public adjusters know how to read through your policy and understand what should be included in any settlement claim review process. This knowledge can help you obtain the highest settlement possible and ensure that no damage goes unaccounted for.

It Costs You Nothing to Work with a Public Adjuster

When hiring a public adjuster, you do not pay them any monetary fees—they are paid by the insurance company when they negotiate an acceptable claim settlement for your property damage. Because their compensation comes from the insurance company rather than directly from you, public adjusters do not have a vested interest in minimizing your claim. Their goal is to get you the largest possible settlement. It is customary for public adjusters to charge a fee on your behalf that is equal to 10% of the final settlement amount. However,  if you do not receive a full settlement, in most cases you do not even have to pay the fee.

Public Adjusters Act Quickly and Effectively

When you deal with an insurance company, they will likely try to coerce you into accepting a low offer quickly so that they can save money on legal fees. In order to receive a fair amount for your property damage, it’s important to have access to experts who know what types of compensation are necessary for different situations—this is where public adjusters come in. When a public adjuster becomes involved with your claim, they often move quickly with the insurance company review process because most valid claims are reviewed within seven days after being submitted by the homeowner or public adjuster.

They Are Not Lawyers

Although public adjusters are familiar with legal jargon and can help steer you in the right direction when pursuing a claim, they should never replace the advice of an experienced attorney. Keep in mind that not all public adjusters have significant legal experience, which is why it’s important to verify whether or not they are qualified before making your decision. You should also remember that a public adjuster does not work for the insurance company; their goal is to get you the largest possible compensation for your property loss—not to minimize costs for them. No matter how nice someone seems, always ask if they have any hidden agendas that could cost you down the line.

Public Adjusters Know What to Watch Out For

Once you decide to hire a public adjuster, they must remain involved throughout the entire settlement process. This is because some insurance companies will try and push for a quick settlement with “low ball” offers to save on legal fees and other costs. With the right public adjuster by your side, you can rest assured knowing someone is protecting your best interests. Although hiring a public adjuster may increase the time it takes for your insurance claim to settle, their expertise and negotiating power are well worth the wait.

Hiring a public adjuster can be the best decision you make after suffering any kind of property damage incident. They are probably the only people you can trust to help you in the insurance claim process without having any sort of hidden agenda. So if you do end up in an unfortunate situation where you need assistance with your claim, make sure to remember that hiring someone knowledgeable about what they are doing can increase the chance of you receiving a full and fair settlement and give them a call right away.

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