Metallic have the power to elevate almost anything to glamorous new heights. Specific metallic finishes come in and out of style when it comes to home décor, just like colors and patterns. It is definitely having its moment to shine. And copper’s rosy glow complements lots of color palettes.

Copper contrasts beautifully with jewel-tones blues and greens and it can warms up lighter hues. To get a modern appeal, you can just couple the copper with black and white. Copper wire, coil, tape, pipe fittings and contract paper will help you to transform your item into chic home décor. Take a look at these 50 stunning ideas to use copper pipes for your home décor below.

Still Life Photography

Copper Pipe Office Table

Copper Pipe Ladder from turbulences-deco

Storage Ladder Coopper Piping from cutypaste

Standing Plants Coopper Pipes from pianetadesign

DIY Shower Corner Shelf

Copper Pipe Candle Holder from shelterness

DIY Copper Pipe Table from decoist

DIY Copper Pipe

DIY Coopper Pipe Wardrobe from brit

Drying Rack Coopper Pipes from mfirsthome

DIY Copper Pipe Table from lovecreatecelebrate

Hanging Lamp Cooppe Pipes from apartmenttherapy

Open Shelf Coopper Pipes from archzine

Coopper Pipes Legs Table

Hanging Plant Rod Coopper Pipes

Hexsagonal Coopper Pipes Wall Shelves

DIY Coopper Pipe Drying Rack

Side Table Coopper Pipes from harpersbazaar

Recycled Lamp Coopper Pipes from offgridquest

DIY Ladder Towel Storage  from lonny

DIY Storage Wine Coopper Pipes from apartmenttherapy

Copper Pipe Jewelry Stand from asyouwishuk

Coopper Pipes Shelf from decoratorist

DIY Copper Pipe Lamp from dettaglihomedecor

Pipe Pot Rack Ceiling from wiselygreen

Industrial Looking Bathroom from freshideen

HandRail Coopper Pipes

Bookcase Coopper Pipes

Copper Pipes and Wood Shelves from morningchores

DIY Toilet Paper from andreasnotebook

Standing Plants Indoor from decoratorist

Low Ceilling Light Coopper Pipes from decomg

Standing Lamp Coopper Pipes

Copper Pipe and Wood Shelving

Copper Pipe Kitchen Shelves fom justdiydecor

DIY Storage Coopper Pipes from apartmenttherapy

Copper Pipe Closet

DIY Side Table Coopper Pipes

Hanging Coopper Pipes Closet from deavita

DIY Hanging Coopper Pipes Plants from diyloop

Pvc Ladder Towel Rack from bobvila

DIY Copper Pipe Clothing Stand

DIY Standing Lamp

Coopper Pipes Tower Rack

Christmas Copper Pipe from webgyaani

Coopper Pipes Legs Bench

Nightstand Coopper Pipes from decoratorist

DIY Coopper Pipes Pendat Light from decoist

DIY Coopper Pipes Jewelry Stand from decoist


  1. […] 50 Stunning Ideas to Use Copper Pipes for Your Home Decor… […]

  2. […] Lovely 50 Stunning Ideas to Use Copper Pipes for Your Home Decor… […]

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