Because curtains are just fabric and they generally cost more than they should, curtains are an excellent candidate to make it yourself. If you don’t know how to sew, you still can do it. If you have some old or unexpected suitable items there are myriad ways to use it and make your window look more fabulous. We present you some quick budget friendly projects to help you freshen up you space with new curtains.

To get the best curtain for your own, figure out a window treatment and which fabrics that are look best for yours. Consider how much light was streaming through the window so you knew we needed something sheer but that would also warm up the space and finish it off a bit. Also calculate the size of your window to get the right size of your new curtains. See these 48 on budget DIY window curtain ideas for you to get inspired.

Classic Style White Curtain Bathroom from shanty-2-chic

DIY Burlap Curtain Ideas from decoratorist

High Ruffle Curtain from diys

Modern Pattern Shower Curtain from olagiatingunaika

DIY Linen Curtain with Jewelry Ornament from dicasonline

Tree Branch Curtain Rod from architectureartdesigns

White Sheer Curtain from trucsetbricolages

Classic Rainbow Shower Curtain from

Tie Dye Blue Curtain from apartmenttherapy

B/W Patterned Curtain from homedit

DIY Polka Dot Curtain with Gold Color Splash

Classic Floral Shower Curtain Ideas

Nylon Curtain with Butterfly Accent from solountip

Silk Patterned Curtain

Rustic Curtain Style from texastinyhomes

Bold Yellow Curtain Window Ideas

DIY Patchwork Curtain from m.duitang

Rustic Tassel Curtain from diys

Roman Blind Curtain from fasingur

Big Striped Curtain with Neutral Color Splash from apartmenttherapy

Black and White Pattern Curtain from homishome

Big Striped Curtain from apkpure

Classic Curtain with Natural Branch from quora

Thin Fabric Curtain Ideas

Tropical Silk Shower Curtain

Elegant Blue Curtain from novocom

Flower Shape Knitted Curtain from archidea

Modern Shower Curtain Style

Floral Sheer Curtain Ideas

Curtain Canopy Master Bedroom from architectureartdesigns

Crochet Window Curtain from dabblesandbabbles

Transparent Thin Curtain from housebeautiful

Long and Large Curtain from housebeautiful

Orange Color Curtain Clips from housebeautiful

No-Sew Pattern Curtain from housebeautiful

Rustic Beige Curtain from housebeautiful

Bold Pattern Curtain from housebeautiful

High Curtain Ideas from housebeautiful

Tropical Vibe Green Curtain from housebeautiful

DIY Linen Curtain from housebeautiful

Block Color Curtain from housebeautiful

White Curtain with Blue Accent from housebeautiful

White Sheer Curtain from housebeautiful

DIY Colorful Yard Curtain from homebnc

DIY Macramé Kitchen Curtain from homebnc

No-Sew Kids Burlap Curtain from homebnc

DIY Rustic Burlap Curtain from homebnc

White Curtain with Pom-Pom Accent from homebnc

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