If you are looking to make your own succulent filled driftwood planter, what you need is driftwood, floral glue, sphagnum moss, and succulents. Driftwood pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Try to find a piece that fits in the space you plan to display it or find one that matches your style and figure out where it will go later. Or try to look for something with holes you can put succulents in, or just glue the succulents on top.

Add the floral glue to the inside of the driftwood hole and covered the entire length of the driftwood opening with moss. Once the moss is in, start adding succulents and plants them close together to make them grow and overflow. Give the roots a day or two to heal and soak them with water to help encourage the succulents to establish their roots. See other 54 ideas to arrange your succulent with driftwood below.

Driftwood succulent centerpiece from emasscraft

Small driftwood succulent from cabbageroseblog

Succulent rose-shaped from forrent

Driftwood succulent centerepiece from happywedd

Standing succulent twig

Upcycled tree stump from theownerbuildernetwork

Succulent driftwood from lomets

Rustic succulent drift wood from emasscraft

DIY succulents on driftwood from e-kpss

Cactus in driftwood

Outdoor driftwood succulent planter from homezin

Colorful succulent with driftwood planter from artgrass

tree roots succulent from homesdesign

DIY log succulent planter from decoratorist

Floral arrangements on driftwood from decomagz

Driftwood centerpiece hydrangea

Vertical succulent driftwood garden from decoredo

Long-lasting succulent centerpiece from shelterness

Flowers growing on driftwood

Hanging air plant on driftwood

Big succulent on driftwood

Succulent and gravel from dreamsscapes

Hanging succulent planter

DIY cactus planters from mobmasker

Rustic succulent driftwood

Succulents seashells from huyennhontrach

Driftwood candelabra from greenweddingshoes

DIY log succulent planter from mykarmastream

Driftwood planter from formywife

Withered wood from zhuanlan.zhihu

White driftwood succulent from akerufeed

Natural driftwood suculent

Bowl-shaped driftwood

Orchid and succulents centerpieces wedding from weddbook

DIY rustic succulent planter

Succulent weeding driftwood from happywedd

Driftwood aquarium decor

Driftwood with succulent and sea shells from slovenskyviral

Driftwood floral centrepieces from theartinlife

Branches and succulents

Succulent centerepieces from hotbak

Driftwood and succulent arrangements

Vertikal driftwood terrarium from ya-superpuper

Driftwood with orchid from decomagz

Driftwood art with succulent from emilyannandaleweddings

Small driftwood centrepieces

Orchid and succulent arrangement from botanichka

Flowerpot with driftwood

Red succulent

Vintage suculent driftwood from homemydesign

Decoration logs centerpieces from floralverde

DIY easy driftwood from hunker

Succulent with driftwood wedding centrepieces from himisspuff

Rustic wedding flower centerpieces succulent from kknews


  1. […] Best 54 Ideas to Arrange your Succulent with Driftwood godiygo.com/… […]

  2. […] Gorgeous 54 Ideas to Arrange your Succulent with Driftwood godiygo.com/… […]

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