Summer is a season full of fun and creativity! Use your crafty skills to add some extra flair to your summer celebrations. Try a DIY paper summer craft to capture the colors of summer. When you’re ready for a fresh take on DIY paper summer decor ideas, there are several unique options available to you. Make them in your own style with the help of colorful patterns and motifs of papers.

There are some DIY summer decorations with paper that you can make. You can create a stunning DIY paper cacti. This easy craft is a quick way to create a unique and beautiful decor piece. Make your own summer decor with DIY paper mason jar lanterns. Moreover, you can also create colorful summer hanging ornaments with paper. This decoration will liven up your wall spaces. Instead of using natural flowers, you can also make your summer wreath with colorful papers. Another DIY summer decoration with paper is paper garland, animal figures, flower vase, watermelon coaster, centerpiece ideas, and more. Here are references for you.

Colorful Paper Animal from homemydesign

Paper Teacup from heyletsmakestuf

DIY Paper Cacti Project from homebnc

Paper Wall Letters from homebnc

 Ombre Paper Mobile from homebnc

DIY Giant Flower Paper from homebnc

DIY Paper Geode Decorative Garland from homebnc.

DIY Paper Succulent  from homebnc.

DIY Paper Ball Garland from homebnc.

 DIY Rolled Paper Flowers from homebnc.

Layered Paper Letter  from homebnc.

DIY Paper Flower Monogram Art from homebnc.

DIY Summer Flower Garland from homebnc.

Paper and Chicken Wire Wall Art from homebnc.

DIY 3D Paper Wall Art from homebnc.

Colorful Paper Chandelier Project from homebnc.

DIY Scrapbook Paper Birds from homebnc.

Paper Gift Summer Wall Art from homebnc

Tissue paper lanterns from homebnc

Pinwheel Centerpiece from homebnc

Colorful Galand from homebnc

Flower Paper Wall Art from homebnc

DIY Flower Paper from  hgtv

Accordion Paper Flowers from goodhousekeeping

Paper Flowers from goodhousekeeping

Cardboard Sun from goodhousekeeping

Paper Plate Lady Bugs from goodhousekeeping

Finger Printed Cherry Tree from goodhousekeeping

Paper Beaded Butterfly Art from goodhousekeeping

Paper Bag Journal from goodhousekeeping

Fruit Fans from goodhousekeeping

Paper Plate Llamas from goodhousekeeping

DIY Toilet Paper Bee from goodhousekeeping

Giant Paper Flowers from heyletsmakestuff

Ombre Leaf Wreath from heyletsmakestuff

Leafy Garland from heyletsmakestuff

DIY Paper Hot Air Balloon from heyletsmakestuff

Fruit Slice Bookmarks from heyletsmakestuff

Paper Lanterns from heyletsmakestuff

Paper Wreath from heyletsmakestuff

Paper Succulents from heyletsmakestuff

Heart Flowers from heyletsmakestuff

Geometric Paper Bowls from heyletsmakestuff

DIY Paper Pinwheels from heyletsmakestuff

Rainbow Fan Garland from heyletsmakestuff

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