What comes to your mind, when you hear about a rope? It is something to tie, isn’t it? So, what about using rope to make crafts to decorate our home? We can use it for a vase, table, or other things. The rope will give a new texture and appearance. Furthermore, rope crafts will work well for bohemian, rustic, modern, or other styles. In this article, let us see DIY rope crafts that anyone can make. Check out the ideas further and get more inspiration!

DIY Rope Rug

Diy rope rug


Isn’t it cool? A rug made of rope is a truly wonderful craft. The steps to make this craft aren’t hard. You only need to circle the rope. Then, attach a leather or fabric round base underneath by using hot glue.

DIY Hanging Rope Planters

Just hang the pots in these hanging planters. First of all, you need to make small holes in each nook of the wood. Then, make a bigger hole at the center of it. Make as many as you woods you want. Then, arrange the woods with a rope. Put this hanging planter anywhere you like.

DIY Rainbow Rope for Kids’ Room

Decorate your kids’ room soon. If you need something unique but also beautiful, this DIY rainbow rope is the answer. You only need to attach the rope using glue. Color it well with rainbow colors. Then, attach it to the wall. Easy right? Even a beginner can finish this simple craft in minutes.

DIY Beautiful Rope Basket

Wrap around your basket with ropes. Choose different colors to make it more aesthetic. To make it stable, don’t forget to apply glue first. Then, you will get a new basket with a unique look. Put anything here to make your room clean and clutter-free.

DIY Rope Vase

Do you need a flower vase? Why don’t you make it right now? Take a rope and use it to make a DIY rope vase. Feel free to create the pattern you like. Even, you can sell this elegant flower vase online and get money. This project is easy and affordable to even for a beginner.

DIY Pendant Light with Sisal Rope

Use sisal rope to upgrade a pendant like this craft. The pendant looks more eye-catching. Furthermore, it is a super easy craft. Just attach the sisal rope to the pendant using glue. Create the pattern and or texture you want.


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