Your wedding day should feel like the most magical occasion of your life, and this fairy tale wedding can be achieved by taking a few vital steps. Besides a well-thought-out guest list, a beautiful venue and stunning décor, the big day can be even more special if you pay attention to the details and make things a little more personal. Here are a few memorable ways to help your wedding feel more magical.

Let Your Beloved Pet Become Part of Your Big Day

If your furry companion is more of a family member than a pet, make sure you involve them in your big day. Enlisting the help of your four-legged friend is not only a great way to ensure they feature in your wedding photos, but it can also help make your wedding even more unique. Popular ways to incorporate your pet into the wedding is by walking them down the aisle with the bride and by teaching them to carry the rings to the altar. Dog ring bearers are a great idea for pets who are well-trained and can be trusted with the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever own. You can purchase a specially-designed collar to hold the rings, or you can create one of your own for a personal touch.

Butterfly Release

In some cultures, butterflies represent the romantic love shared between loving partners, and they are symbols of hope and spirituality. If butterflies have a special place in your heart, or you simply love their delicate nature and enjoy watching them flutter in the wind, why not invest in a butterfly release for your big day? Butterfly releases are a great way to mark a joyous occasion and can be released by guests to symbolize their well-wishes for the newlyweds or by the happy couple as they tie the knot.  Buy butterflies to release from Cloverlawn Butterflies for weddings, funerals, memorial services and more special occasions.

Boost Interaction with Wedding Guests

Your guest list should include the most important people in both of your lives, which is why it is a good idea to place focus on making it an interactive and fun day for them. In addition to butterfly releases, there are plenty of other ways to boost interaction with your wedding guests. From a DIY wedding booth where they can bond and take comedic pictures to wedding games, make sure your guests feel welcome and included in your wedding day.

Create a Bespoke Table Setting

A bespoke table setting can truly take your wedding to the next level. From creating homemade table features, such as beautiful favors and intricate place names, to choosing artisan crockery and stunning floral centerpieces, there are a plethora of ways you can add personality to your table setting. To make your setting feel really special, make sure you add personal touches. This can include a beautiful handwritten menu with quirky descriptions and wonderful keepsakes that wedding guests can take home. It is the little touches like this that will make your day memorable and magical for all those who attend.

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