You might feel excited but also feeling anxious. Although the idea of being independent and taking care of your own affairs seems amazing, it can also be overwhelming.

Most college freshmen wouldn’t find it so daunting to live on their own. If they could bring all their comforts home with them, such as their bed, fridge, bathroom, and toilet, they would be able to take their bedroom, closet, and stuffed animals, which have been their sleep buddies since they were seven years.

Student’s dormitory is the place you will spend most of your time, especially making hometasks and chilling from loud parties. For sure, when you say “I need to do my research”, you want to do it in a pleasant atmosphere like you are at home.

Don’t worry about it! You can make your dorm room feel like home with a little planning. These 16 ideas will make your dorm feel like home.

Give Your Bed a little bit of Heaven

It can be expensive to shop for Dorm Rooms. Fortunately, there are many ways to cut costs. Your bed is the most important place in your dorm. The beds in college dorm rooms don’t have the best reputation. They are often made of a single piece of foam with a layer of hard plastic. You’ll want your mattress to be as comfortable and supportive as possible, especially considering that you will be spending as much time in your bed reading or hanging out with friends.

Pillows on Pillows

A pile of pillows is the best way to make your dorm feel homey. Is there a limit to how many pillows you can have? I don’t think so! They can be used as a backrest or as a table to hold your laptop, a bowl or Ramen Noodles, or as a footstool. You can also place a few on the ground for a relaxing spot when friends visit. Layering different styles in complementary colors, different sizes and different textures can make your space unique and cozy.

Decorate your walls with everything (and everyone) you love

The walls of college dorm rooms are often incredibly drab and uninviting. To feel like you are back at home, decorate your walls with the people and things you love. You can hang photos of your family, friends, pets, or inspirational quotes.

Add Comfortable Seating

You can add comfortable seating to your dorm rooms with a comfy futon, a fluffy saucer, bean bag, or any other type of seating that you like. It will not only give you a place to relax in your dorm, but it will also make it feel more homey and relaxed.

Keep things organized

It can be difficult to live in a small space. Use wicker baskets and under-bed storage containers to keep your life and dorm rooms clutter-free.

Fluffy Rugs are a great investment

A cozy, fluffy rug is a great way to add warmth and style to a dorm space. A great rug can be a great way of covering up the middle floor and adding warmth and coziness to a dorm room, especially considering that many rooms have either cold, tile floors, or crummy carpeting. Make sure to consult your roommate before you decide on the color of the rug.

Design a work space that makes studying a breeze

Be prepared. College will be a place where you’ll do a lot of study. It’s important to have everything you need and want at your fingertips so that studying is easy. You can make studying easy and comfortable by organizing your workspace. You can store everything you need for late-night cram sessions with desk organizers and containers. A few photos of family and friends is a great way to feel a little homesick.

Let your personality shine through

It can be difficult to decorate a dorm. There are so many options for decorating a dorm. Keep in mind, it’s your dorm, so it should reflect you, your style and all that you love. You’ll feel more at home in your new space if your personality is exposed, whether it’s boho, preppy, or shabby chic.

Add Mood Lighting

After a hard day of labs and classes, relaxing will be easy when you have your own little space on campus. You can turn on the lights and get into your comfy bed. You can hang lights above your bed, frame your desk shelves, or attach your favourite photos to twinkle lights on the wall. This soft mood lighting is a great way to relax and make your dorm feel more homely. By the way, if you want to write a reflective essay like a pro do not hesitate to turn to special services.

Curtains give your home a personal touch

Dorm rooms tend to be cold and stark. You can make your dorm rooms feel cozy and homey by adding curtains.

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