We are not the only living beings that construct the environment we live in. There are numerous other animals that make their habitats in a very interesting manner. We rely mostly on our intellect, while these animals just know how to do it. Is it not just interesting how a beaver can make a dam without learning to do so? Fascinating, or how ants, such small creatures can make nests that serve as an inspiration for future designers.

It is very fascinating to think about such occurrences that do not seem to be rare. The one thing where we do stand out though is that we do not construct habitats that are purely functional. Our innate need for aesthetic beauty is an important factor when it comes to making a home. We theoretically can live within a few walls and just a few items for our bare needs. But that kind of room is called a prison, where people go to feel not good. That is why these 4 ideas will serve as a way to improve your interior design so you can enjoy being in such an interior.

1. Black lacquer

When black lacquer is mentioned, it is often met with only two responses. Some people would use this shiny black finish on anything, while some people will say it is outdated. The only thing that you should care about is how you feel about this color. Do not listen to what others have to say about it, just listen to your thoughts and emotions about black lacquer. It is important to think about such debatable subjects so they do not get lost in time and fighting.

If you do opt for having furniture in such color, you will be glad to hear this fact. It is not hard at all to get started with painting black lacquer furniture, with just a few tips, this job can be done easily. Many people think that making such a shiny and glossy ending is a job only for professionals. This way of thinking should not sway you from following your dreams of having this kind of furniture.

Incorporating the color

The best way to incorporate this color was already discovered during the 80s and even 20s. The art deco movement is perfect for incorporating this style. You can make interesting symmetrical patterns with this color and contrast it with either white or gold. It is also perfect for getting that Egyptian fantasy going on in your home.

If you are not so lavish and want to incorporate it more simply, you should look to the 80s then. Just color the furniture in full black lacquer and you can contrast it with other big white surfaces with no motifs. Putting in a few plants with white pots is great for achieving a more natural look to contrast the black.

2. Improve lighting

Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to interior designs for many reasons. No matter how good the objects are in your space, they can not shine without some light. You will be surprised to see how much your interior can look better with just a few light adjustments. The things that you should look out for are light placement and light color.

Having your light source in the center of the room is only good if the light is grand. For example, if you have a grand chandelier, of course, you want it as a centerpiece. If you do not have a chandelier, you might want to switch to a few smaller lighting sources. Put a few lamps or just plain light bulbs in the corners or by the walls. Do not hesitate to experiment with some new colors, for example, red lighting. Warm tones are a really great way to start this light exploration.

Effect on people

Light is very important when it comes to our everyday lives and many people do not know this. Some people are very sensitive to such sensory effects that can have an impact on their daily performance. The biggest example would be classic hospital lights, they do not induce warm feelings don’t they? 

If you keep getting headaches while being in a room for no reason, the reason could mean you are light sensory sensitive. That is why it is important to experiment with different lights, for your own health.

3. Stone bathroom

Stone is a material that just induces a very interesting feeling in us when we see it. Stone is a very beautiful material that comes in many different colors and textures. Incorporating stone into your bathroom is a very good idea if you seek to refresh that important room. Stone becomes even more beautiful when water flows on top of its surface. This is the very reason why it is most suggestible to try out stone in your bathroom.

4. Sculptures

Art that you can see in front of you in three-dimensional space is truly eye-catching. Sculptures are a great way of adding some life to your interior, sometimes at a price though. You can opt for more contemporary or more classical sculptures, do not be afraid to choose either one. Many people think that classical sculptures are just white, but the truth is different. Our ancient ancestors used to paint sculptures which are very interesting. This is just one more thing with which you can experiment to your liking, which is the whole point.

Interior design is all about having some fun and finding what you like. There will always be some smarty pants that try to establish one pure way of what is the ideal interior design. The truth is, that there is no one ideal, the ideal is what you like. You are the only one who should dictate what an interior should look like.

That is why it is important to subject yourself to many new ideas and knowledge you can find. That is the only way that you can find what you truly like and want from an interior. Never be fooled to think that you should follow one strict dogma on anything in life. You are the one who chooses what your surroundings want to look like, you can do this.

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