When your china glasses are broken, you might feel so pity. What if we tell you how to repurpose them into more useful pieces. The most possible thing to do is to create mosaics. Once you know how to create mosaics from broken glasses, there will be endless ways to repurpose broken glasses. You can create many things for your garden or others. In this article, we have collected wonderful ways to turn old broken glasses into beautiful pieces. Check them out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Mosaic House Number

Diy mosaic house number


Look at the picture that shows a beautiful house number made of glass pieces. Whenever your china glasses were broken, take the pieces. Then, attach them to make your house number using mod podge or glue on a planter. Then, add a hanger at the back of it.

DIY Garden Mosaic Stepping Stones

This simple but beautiful stepping stone is easy to make. Just attach some pieces of broken china glasses into concrete. Let it dry for a day. It is much cheaper than you buy a new stepping stone from the market. Furthermore, it looks beautiful for your garden decor.

DIY Mosaic Glasses Fairy House

What do you think of this pretty decor? You can do so for your lovely garden. Create a mosaic broken china glasses into a wonderful fairy house. Well, you don’t have to make three units like the picture, just create one unit and get fairies to come inside.

DIY Mosaic Birdhouse

What a creative project is this! An awesome DIY birdhouse made of broken china glasses is something that you have to try this week. Build the house by gluing those broken china pieces into a wooden birdhouse kit. Then, you will get a beautiful birdhouse without spending a lot of money.

DIY Beautiful Outdoor Chandelier

Hanging this outdoor chandelier on one of your trees will enlighten your garden. It is made of broken china glass pieces that attached become a chandelier. You can add china tea glass to complete its wonderful appearance.  When the wind blows, it will give you a nice sound as well.

Beautiful DIY Garden Art

Look at beautiful art on the wall that anyone will love. Glue those broken glass pieces on a canvas. Let it dry for several hours. Then, hang it in your indoor garden. This art looks awesome with colorful touches among natural plants around. Thus, it is easy and cheap to make soon.


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