There is nothing better than a cozy bathroom with fireplace after you stressful day. It can be your favorite corner to recharge your mind and body. No matter what style you fireplace is, it will look great in every bathroom style. If you need something positively for your body and spirit, fireplace in your bathroom is perfect ideas.

Bathroom and fireplace are two elements for you to enjoy your rest. Fireplace can be placed near your bathtub, and it can also place near the washbasins. The placement will make your getting up more pleasant. Take a look at this picture gallery below to get some astonishing and cozy bathroom design ideas with fireplace.

Built-in Wall Fireplace from novocom

Natural Stone Fireplace from thearchitecturedesigns

Corner Fireplace from designrulz

Fireplace Near Bathtub

Black and White Fireplace from bricobistro

Triangle Stone Fireplace from novocom

Classic Fireplace Style from novocom

Red Brick Fireplace from wallpapersafari

Carving Fireplace from onekindesign

Minimalist Fireplace from homeandlivingdecor

Modern Rectangle Fireplace from onekindesign

Black Metal Fireplace from luxurybathrooms

Wall Fireplace Decor from coodecor

White Stone Fireplace from designrulz

Pastel Color Classic Fireplace from luxurybathrooms

Black Matte Fireplace

Square Shape Fireplace from deavita

Stainless Steel Fireplace from houzz

Classic White Fireplace

Mid Century Fireplace Design from novocom

DIY Natural Stone Fireplace from homishome

Concrete Fireplace from jhmrad

Stick On Wall Fireplace from deavita

Large Stone Fireplace from travelandleisure

Minimalist Rectangle Fireplace from onekindesign

Fireplace Near Glass Window from houzz

Fireplace Beside Bathtub from naibann

White Carving Fireplace from whitecabana

Tropical Bathroom with Fireplace from wallpapersafari

Flagstone Fireplace from homeemoney

Big Fireplace from novocom

Warm Accent Fireplace from dwellingdecor

High Fireplace Ideas

Small Fireplace Design from onekindesign

All White Marble Fireplace from onekindesign

Eclectic Fireplace Design from onekindesign

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