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30 Functional DIY Wardrobe Ideas for a Better Arrangement

Discussing the problem of neatness at home is not going to run out. At home, even though we have arranged it well it will definitely fall apart again. And our job is how to keep it clean and neat every day. Especially in some rooms, such as the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. A bedroom is one of the rooms that will have new items continuously. Like clothes for example. We will definitely collect clothes until we unwittingly pile up.

Therefore we need a special room or cupboard that can load a lot of clothes and accessories that we have. In addition to an attractive design to make your room look attractive and modern, we must also consider its function. It will be useless if it looks attractive and beautiful, but the function can not be used properly.

The first way to make your wardrobe look attractive and work properly is to provide a special room for your clothes and accessories collection.
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Iron hangers and small boxes for storage idea
White fabric storage design
Black fabric storage design
Black iron hooks and wire basket
Rattan basket, plastic basket and fabric storage ideas
Plastic boxes storage ideas
Green and blue fabric storage design
Hanging plastic transparent storage
Long square rattan basket
Hanging plastic storage and plastic basket
Yellow iron necklace holder and rattan storage ideas
Rattan basket storage design
Rattan storage ideas
Hanging black fabric storage
Square brown rattan storage ideas
Wooden storage ideas
Hanging fabric storage
Square green fabric storage and iron hangers
Square pink and yellow fabric storage ideas
Square rattan storage design
Square rattan storage ideas
Square beige fabric storage and iron hanger design
Wooden pallet box storage ideas
Round rattan basket
White fabric and plastic boxes storage design
White fabric storage idea
White plastic basket storage
Wonderful striped fabric storage ideas
Best combination DIY project of wooden iron for shoe rack ideas
Wooden storage ideas

The width of this room is adjusted to your needs, of course. You can design this room with many vertical racks, several drawers, and clothes hangers. Many examples of this kind of room.

In addition to being closed with a door, you can just close it with curtains so that it can be adjusted to the color of your room. Also if you don’t have enough space to make such a thing like that, you can only use a set of shelves with drawers and clothes hangers.

You just have to choose what suits your needs and the design you want. There are so many types of wardrobe, ranging from ordinary wood to rattan. You can also add extra hangers or hooks for other items. In addition, you also have to match the color of your room so that the appearance of this wardrobe looks more attractive. For more details, please see the photos below as a reference if you are interested in creating a beautiful but still functional wardrobe.

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