Everyone loves a spacious apartment. Whether you live in one of the many uptown Dallas apartments or anywhere else in the country, there can never be too much space. This makes it easy to store things, and ensure everyone who lives with you has their own space. Unfortunately, more space often costs more money and can have more competition, and can even be hard to come by in certain areas.

As a result, many people are in places that they wish were a little more spacious. However, there are some clever things you can do to make your apartment look bigger, without having to pay for a larger space. This article is going to go over a few of them to help you make your apartment look bigger.

Use Mirrors

One of the best ways to help a room appear larger is to use mirrors. There are several ways that using mirrors can enlarge the space. They can bring in some light, can expand walls and help cluttered areas appear more open.

This is because mirrors often trick the eyes into believing there is more depth to a space than there really is. While everyone knows a mirror doesn’t actually make a space bigger, there is no doubting it may feel like it does.

You can group mirrors together, can have a single large mirror or even strategically place them throughout the home where they are most needed.

Utilize Hidden Storage

Storage is an incredibly important part of any home. Without it, you would simply have nowhere to store everything from clothes, to kitchen gear, to seasonal decor. Unfortunately, adding storage into your apartment often takes up a lot of square footage, and not everyone has a ton of space to spare.

Thankfully, there are many creative storage ideas for small spaces that can be used, with one of our favorite being hidden storage. If you can find furniture or decor that can double as storage space, it can be a major help.

This saves space and can stop a place from looking too cluttered, and can help it look larger and more spacious as a whole.

Consider Lighter Colors

A smart way to help any space look a little bigger is to consider lighter colors. The lighter your walls, furniture, flooring and art, the bigger a space will look. Dark colors are certainly cozy, but they actually absorb light instead of reflect it. On the other hand, lighter colors can reflect and bounce light around the space, helping it appear brighter and more open.

While you might not be able to paint in your apartment, you will certainly be able to choose the furniture, rugs, and decor you have in the space. Of course, choose the colors and shades you like, but if you want your space to feel larger, avoid going too dark.

In conclusion, these tips will be able to help your small apartment look and feel a little more spacious.

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