If your walls are empty this winter and you do not have too many activities because it’s a holiday, make you and your family busy with these beneficial woodworking projects. All the ideas of woodworking projects on Winter Woodworking Projects To Do To Improve Your Indoor Wall Spaces.

Beehive Shelves

Beehive shelves are actually a popular item for wall decoration. Here you can create yourself at home in an hour and pant them in any way that you want. Besides, it will give you the confidence to start using more angles in your projects. The supplies you need for this project are a table saw, 4’ of 2×6 lumber for one shelf, painter’s tape, and wood glue.

Angled Floating Bookshelves

Angled floating bookshelves Winter Wood Working Projects To Do To Improve Your Indoor Wall Spaces

These angled floating bookshelves are not only easy to build but also visually interesting. The tools you need are a 3/8’’ plug cutter, clamps, drill, drill press, table saw, and miter saw. After that, the materials you need are screws and oak.

Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet is built n simple joints and has attractive classic details. It needs a few hours to construct with an air compressor, air hose, brad nail gun, clamps, cordless drill, framing square, safety glasses, and table saw. The materials are door pull, four-shelf standards, offset hinges, one plywood, sandpaper, and wood glue.

Key Hanger

This key hanger is built from reclaimed wood. You can spice up your entryway with this rustic key hanger that takes about an hour to complete. The tools you need are a brad nail gun, clamps,  miter saw, sander, and table saw. Meanwhile, the materials you need are gauge brad nails, reclaimed wood, and wood glue.

Cottage Shelf With Branches

This distinctive display tree branch shelf is created in minutes. The tools you need for this project are a screwdriver, clamps, cordless drill, drill bit set, handsaw, level, stepladder, stud finder, and tape measure. Besides, the materials are a 1×12 shelf, plywood, branches, drywall anchors, and screws.

Wall Shoe Organizer

These natural wood racks will make your floor clean from shoes. This can handle everything from winter boots to summer sandals with no mud build-up or even scuff marks on the wall. The tools needed are a screwdriver, clamps, cordless drill, countersink drill bit, level, miter saw, and tape measure. While, the materials are screws, dowels, and wood glue.

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