A typical traditional house always leaves an extra room on the top floor. It can function as a warehouse or even just left neglected because too narrow. Quite often, attic also functions only to help the air circulates properly.

People nowadays are too reluctant to manage a small space. In fact, a small space can exude its own aura of warmth in a simple way.  Look at your attic and realize attic living room design for a gathering room through the inspiration that has been presented below.

Choose White as The Dominant Color

The sleek and big impression from using white is the most genius solution that presents the illusion of greater space. Combine these colors on your fixtures or wall for optimal results.

Choosing a white atmosphere in the attic living room decor will make a spacious appearance on the decor. Combine with wooden floors to produce perfect contrast.

Applying white to the feel of the attic living room will give you the illusion of a bigger space. Complete the look with wooden floors and carpets to add vibration to the living room.

With the white atmosphere in your attic living room, you can also apply minimalist furniture. The minimalist furniture will strengthen the spacious impression.

The white attic living room will exude an airy feeling combined with white painted wooden floors and carpets will give an attractive impression.

Shades of white walls and wooden floors will give a warm feeling in your attic living room. Add a sofa complete with a coffee table and other furniture to make it look stylish.

With the feel of a white attic living room can create a feeling of space and greater for you to try. Add wood floors and carpets to complement the decor of your apartment.

The living room will look more stylish by applying neutral colors like white for you to try. Combine with ornaments and other carpets to complete the decor.

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Adjust Furniture to The Shape of The Room

Measuring is a very important part in order not to waste space. If you have time, take a saw and wood, measure carefully, and produce a DIY customized shelf.

Furniture is limited in the form of special DIY shelves, it still makes a strong impression and communicates a sense of personal style. Sofa complete with coffee table and other ornaments for a beautiful appearance.

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Making this special DIY built-in shelf can make your room neater and avoid clutter. You can make it yourself by measuring carefully and producing the perfect shelf.

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Implementing a book storage rack is an interesting idea for you to try in the attic living room. You can also use the stairs as the bookshelf and connecting with the upper room.

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Adding a DIY storage rack will give a neat look in your attic living room. You can make it yourself by measuring carefully.

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You can apply storage shelves in your attic living room. Measure carefully to get the right look in the room.

Applying storage to the attic living room will create a neat look and avoid clutter. If you have time, take a saw and wood, measure carefully, and make a special DIY shelf.

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Make it Casual

A small room can actually provide its own comfort. Add this sense of comfort by applying a casual atmosphere by putting a comfy sofa or making a special reading nook.

Apply a comfortable sofa complete with a coffee table in the attic living room for you to try. Combine with floor lamps to complete the decoration of your room.

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Attic living room with reading nook will make the focus when you are fond of reading your favorite books. Complete the look with furniture and carpets to make it more stylish.

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A comfortable and cozy sofa complete with a coffee table is an interesting idea for you to apply in your attic living room. With shades of white that you can use with carpets and other ornaments.

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To create an attractive appearance in the attic living room, you can add a complete reading angle with several collections of books. Complete the appearance with furniture and carpet.

Attractive attic living room decor with a comfortable neutral feel. Add a soft sofa and a fire pit to warm your room.

Implementing a comfortable soft sofa in the attic living room is an interesting idea to provide your own comfort. Combine with a wooden ceiling to warm up at night.

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Add Multi-purpose Stuff

The specialty of multi-purpose furniture is not only in providing a solution for the space-challenged house. You can put the lift-top table in your dream attic living room design.

Adding multipurpose furniture is the best solution to complement your attic living room decor. Use the lift-top table to design your dream attic room.

The lift-top table is the perfect furniture to make the attic living room more attractive. This table will provide several storage functions, thus making your room more presentable.

Add a lift-top table in your attic living room to complete the decor. This multi-function table can also be raised if you want a higher table.

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Add a lift-top table in the attic living room to get an attractive appearance by raising springs to get a higher table. You can also place your belongings in the storage underneath.

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Note The Location of The Window

Some houses that have skylight windows in their attic will find some plus and minus. If the light is too bright during the day, you can add a simple curtain as a window treatment.

When it comes to loft living room decor, you can’t go wrong by adding brown curtains to cover and care for large windows.

Purple window curtains from linen will look attractive combined with pillows of the same color. That’s really all you need for window treatments in the attic living room.

You can try adding curtains with shabby chic flower patterns in your attic living room. It’s a simple decoration but very attractive to make your window different.

Green curtains on the attic living room window will enhance your decor. This method will make your window more ascending.

Installing brown linen curtains is one way to enhance window decorations in your attic living room. Combine with several other ornaments to complete the decoration.

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The attic living room can make you feel comfortable in its way. Also, this can be a perfect choice to strengthen relationships between family members. Create the most beautiful moments with family through your attic living room design.

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