Having a fabulous home is everyone’s dream. The perfect house is a comfortable house, neat, clean and good looking. Actually, it can be created with the right home decor. You can start decorating a house from the yard, terrace, living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. In decorating a house, you must pay attention to the theme you are using because the theme will affect the interior there. The theme of each room can differ depending on what concept you want to be like. But, one of the rooms that are important and passed every time you will enter or leave the house is the living room. Besides that, the living room is a room that you use to receive guests. So, decorating the living room is a mandatory thing that you must do.

In decorating the living room, you must pay attention to all matters relating to it. There is one object that is sometimes not properly noticed and left unattended, it is curtains. Curtains greatly affect the appearance of a room. A window without curtain will appear dead, no life. Therefore, choosing the right curtain must also be done optimally. There are many types of curtains, choose unusual curtains that everyone not has, it is embroidery curtain. This curtain has many motifs that you can choose. You only need to adjust the motif that is suitable to be combined with the interior in your living room. This curtain is not only for covering your window but also as a sweetener for the appearance of the room in your house. So, with this important function, you must choose the embroidery curtain with confidence. So, for your reference, we present some pictures of the simple embroidery curtains that you must try now. Let’s see and choose your favorite!

An amazing blue embroidery curtains to beautify an elegant living room with a unique embroidery
An elegant living room with star embroidery curtains, white walls and a table lamp
A luxury living room design with sky blue embroidered curtains
A luxury living room with classical embroidery curtains, a white storage and decorative lighting chandelier
Aqua dandelion embroidery curtains to create your living room feel fresh
Blue and beige luxury embroidery curtains to create an elegant living room

A Classic living room with white flowers embroidered, a leather chair and a table lamp

Contemporary living room with lime green embroidered curtains, white walls, wooden tables and a white sofa
Cozy living room with navy blue embroidered curtains and sky blue walls
Dark grey embroidery curtains to add an elegant your living room with patterned wallpaper on beigi walls, a table lamp and a flower decoration
Embroidery drapes european style dark blue to add perfect living room
Embroidery gold leaves pattern curtain to change old curtain in the living room
Floral embroidered drapes to beautify your small living room
Floral embroidered transparent curtains to beautify your minimalist living room design

Light grey embroidered curtains to complete minimalist living room with white curtains, a white sofa and chair, white walls and wooden vinyl floor design

Minimalist living room with floral embroidered on dark blue curtain, a white round table and a flower decoration
Modern living room with sky blue and beige embroidered curtains, a white storage, a table lamps and beige walls
Pink floral embroidered curtains to give soft touch in a living room
Scandinavian living room design with white leaves embroidery curtains
Simple living room decor with mustard and grey embroidered curtains, white curtains, grey walls, a glass table, chandelier and wooden floor
Small living room ideas with patterned embroidery curtains
Tropical leaves embroidered curtains in the living room to beautify the small space
White embroidered curtains to add your white living room decoration
White embroidered transparent curtain to beautify your classic living room design

White living room with vines embroidery curtains, white furniture and white floor


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