House is everyone’s needs, so it must also be considered properly. With the very important function of the house, decorating a house to be more beautiful is a must be done. All rooms of the house can be decorated if you have the intention. You can start by decorating the garden, terrace, living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. One of the most important places in the house is the presence of a bathroom. The bathroom becomes one of the places that must also be considered because every day we will go to the bathroom. It can be said that the first place you go when you wake up in the bathroom.

With the important bathroom functions, we must decorate them maximally. Actually, the concept of the bathroom will affect everything related to it, such as the selection of a bathroom sink, bath up and so on must also be adjusted to the concept of the bathroom. Choose good material for all appliances there. But there is one item that is very important for the bathroom, namely bathroom lighting. Lighting will give you light so that you still feel bright in the bathroom. Even though there is already a window, but the presence of lighting is also very important for the night because the sun has not appeared. There are many designs of bathroom lighting that you can choose such as elegant lighting, classic lamps, classy lighting, hanging lamps, etc. Your job is to adjust the lights to your bathroom. Choose the type of lamp that matches the concept of your bathroom. If your bathroom room has a rustic concept, you can choose a classic lamp as lighting. There are more bathroom lighting ideas that you can try to design your bathroom, so we summarize them in some pictures below. Let’s see it!

An amazing master bathroom lighting design with classic chandelier, lamps on the mirror and dark floor
An elegant bathroom lighting with small lamps on the ceiling, light grey walls, a white tub and a white sink
An elegant lighting to beautify master bathroom with hanging lamps, decorative lighting, a round mirror and marble floor
An elegant lighting to complete luxury bathroom with a chandelier, decorative lighting, dark grey walls and a white tub

An elegant modern bathroom lighting with led lights, white walls and a white tub

An antique chandelier above the white tub to beautify an amazing bathroom with big windows
Beautiful bathroom lighting design with hanging lamps above the bathtub, dark grey walls and granite floor
Bright bathroom design with hanging lamps in front of mirrors and lamps in middle of mirrors
Classy lighting ideas to enlighten a dark bathroom design with decorative lighting, black walls, a dark bathtub and wooden floor
Creative hanging lamps to perfect an elegant bathroom with white marble walls, a big mirror and white marble floor
Creative lighting ideas to beautify the rustic bathroom with lamps above the mirrors, wooden cabinets and brown floor
Decorative lighting ideas to beautify the minimalist bathroom with lamps above the big mirror and lamps in the shower
Decorative lighting to beautify an elegant bathroom with big chandelier, lamps above the mirrors, big windows, blue walls, and white ceiling
Hanging lamps above the white bathtub and decorative lighting for an elegant bathroom

Hanging lamps in front of mirror to complete an elegant bathroom with white cabinets and a big mirror

Inspiring lighting to perfect a small bathroom with lamp in front of mirror and grey floor
Lamps hung on the wall to create an elegant bathroom lighting with patterned walls, a white sink and a flower decoration
LED lights behind the mirror for creative lighting in the bathroom with a white sink, a dark cabinet and a white toilet
Lighting on the ceiling to make your bathroom more luxurious with lamps above the mirror, white sinks and marble walls
Modern bathroom lighting ideas with metal hanging lamp, a lamp at the corner, grey walls and a round mirror
Modern bathroom lighting with led light behind the mirror, a white curtain and grey walls
Perfect lighting to beautify luxury bathroom with a chandelier, decorative lighting, white walls and black granite floor
Simple lighting for small bathroom with unique lamps between two mirrors
Small bathroom lighting design with a chandelier, big windows, light grey walls and house plant at the corner

A unique chandelier to complete a bright bathroom with a big window, a big mirror and marble floor


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