If you can utilize it in creative way, pebble could be a treasure that people may can’t imagine before. It will turn from the uninteresting thing into something pretty that even people can’t help not to step on it. Here, by making landscaping project will be the great idea especially when you prepare it for summer as it will be the right time for you to spend your day or night at your backyard or front yard to enjoy the warm weather, the sun, and the fresh air. Having your pretty unique pebble landscaping will give your yard extra value to awe your family and friends when you be keen on to invite them to have some barbecue party.

Basically you can set the pebble to create a walk path to connect one garden spot to another so that you won’t ruin your garden’s design and your plants. Or, you can create pretty outdoor entry way that will look like an overlay to welcome your guests. Just simply take all of your pebbles and stones, then turn them into some pattern that you will love showing off to your guests. To make it prettier and cheerful, you can paint the pebbles into some colors. You don’t even need to be worried to use the bright colors because this project is supposed to be fun. However, if you want to have the natural one, then it’s always ok not to paint it. Just do it based on your personal taste. Anyway, the creation of your pebble path could be in any form and pattern. The smallest thing that you could do is by making the design as if it is a welcome doormat. Arrange the pebble in a rectangle shape with doormat size and create the pattern based on your imagination. Install in near your front door and it will be surely gorgeous. For the entry way or walk path, you can combine it with flat rocks so that it won’t be monotonous and look more varies. To give you a clear illustration, please check out the gallery below. Hope you can find the one you love and apply it for your landscaping. Happy to be creative!

    A pebble mosaic for garden path with a doormat design

A pebble mosaic for garden path with flat stones and round stones

Garden design with a black pebble mosaic patterns

Garden design with a swirl pebble mosaic path

Garden pathway with pebble mosaic patterns and stones

Garden pebble stone paths with bird design

Garden spiral with black and white pebbles mosaics

Garden stone mosaic pattern with beach pebbles

Mosaic path pattern with brown pebbles

Pebble mosaic garden path with fish design

Pebble mosaics for garden with leaf and plants design

Pebble mosaics garden with plants and black gravels

Pebble patio with swirl and small mosaic raised pond

Pebbles from the beach for pathway with blue and white pebbles

Pebbles mosaic for backyard with black and white gravels

Pebbles mosaic for backyard with dragonfly design

Pebbles mosaic for front yard with a blue gravels

Pebbles mosaic for garden makeover with black and white gravels

Pebbles mosaic for garden path with black gravels

Pebbles mosaic for garden path with starbursts design in the middle

Pebbles mosaic for mediterranean garden makeover with white gravels

Pebbles mosaic garden path with plant beside it

Pebbles mosaic pathway of art with a flowers design

Pebbles stone garden path with river stone of all sizes

Pebbles stone garden path with white pebbles

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