Once winter ends, you might find yourself wanting to enhance the atmosphere in your house. From custom flower vases to handmade tablecloth and curtain, spring comes with DIY projects of unused goods, and mason jar is no exception. Usually utilized for leftover foods and assorted pickles, who would’ve thought that mason jars could be a great addition in your spring-themed craft?

Constantly full of surprises, mason jars have evolved from kitchen tools to wedding souvenir to DIY craft material. If you’re looking for chic, DIY mason jar craft with spring theme ideas to spruce up your house this year, you might want to see what we have to offer.

1. Handmade Scented Candles

Simple and easy to make, your DIY handmade scented candles will look perfect contained in a crystal-clear mason jar. Whether it’s chamomile, jasmine, or lavender-scented, the fresh scent will excite your senses and get you ready to welcome spring into your house. 

As a tip, you can also put decorations outside the jar or “thank you” notes and give it to your friends as a handy, personalized gift. While it’s great to welcome spring by refining your home, there’s nothing wrong in spreading the joyful spirit of spring to others as well.


Colorful handmade scented candles will look more attractive if equipped with ribbons that are made of shiny paper. Besides this candle is also useful as a scent that excites your spirit.

You can coat mason jar with brocade or burlap cloth to make it more creative and beautiful to look at. Even though it looks simple, this DIY handmade candle will arouse your excitement to welcome spring.

Complete the outer mason jar with notes relating to the spring. This DIY handmade scented candle is also one of the decorations recommended for you.

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Placing the “welcome autumn” note on the outside of the jar will provide a warm decoration for your friends. This mason jar idea is perfect for spring decoration.

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The aroma of lavender on DIY handmade candles will complement your home decor in spring. Greet the spring with enthusiasm and fun for many people around you.

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DIY handmade scented candles will look more luxurious with small shiny beads. This scent will be able to excite your senses and make you excited about spreading happiness.

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If you want to give gifts to friends, DIY handmade scented candles are the best solution and advice. Add flower ornaments to wrap around the outside of the mason jar.

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2. Lively Moss Terrarium 

Alternatively, you might opt for a lively moss terrarium as your DIY mason jar craft with spring theme. During spring, some people might go overboard with a lot of plants and bushes. However, these moss terrariums are a great choice if you prefer simpler green touches in your house.

One smart and creative idea for a green touch in your home is the use of DIY mason jar as a moss terrarium. This terrarium moss looks simple and easy to maintain.

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Take advantage of your mason jar to beautify your home decor in spring. You can make a touch of green with a terrarium moss. The materials needed are very easy to find in the houses around you.

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An easy way to decorate your home in spring in moderation is to use moss terrarium as a natural and environmentally friendly touch. Add stones and gravel as an ornament in it.

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Complete your moss mason jar terrarium with a funny and unique lid as above. You have to have it for decorative ornaments at home when spring comes.


Avoid using soil in the terrarium moss to reduce the dirt inside. Complete with deer ornament for real natural depiction, for example forest. This container is enough to decorate your table decoration.

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The depiction of nature in this terrarium looks very real with the completeness of moss and deer. Use a transparent mason jar so you can see clearly from the outside. Use stone and soil as a layer of moss.

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Terrarium moss is very easy to maintain, besides this DIY idea also does not cost much and looks simple. You can try it by putting it on a table that is often visited by people.

To enhance the DIY terrarium moss idea, you can add small ornaments inside. Use mason jar that has clean glass and transparent for easy viewing from outside.

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3. Enchanting Flower Vase

Although it seems simple, putting a flower in the house could greatly improve moods. Instead of buying a new one, upgrade your basic flower vases to handmade ones using transparent mason jars. From daffodils to tulips, the selection of flowers is endless!

Additionally, you can always use this craft for a personalized, handmade gift idea during birthdays, anniversaries, and other heartfelt occasions.

Whether you’ll line it up in a shelf or put it on the living room, this DIY mason jar craft with spring theme will surely be the center of attention.

You can enhance your table decorations by placing a mason jar DIY vase on it. Mix and match colors of flowers and vases to make them look more harmonious. For perfection, the photo can be a decoration that looks interesting.

To get the freshness of the room, you can use live flowers that are contained mason jar. This idea does not cost much. Besides this mason jar treatment is very easy.

To make it look more luxurious, you can use a gold mason jar as a flower vase. Fill with live roses to beautify your room perfectly. You can put it on a wooden table.

To replace the water in a mason jar vase, you can use shells as a substitute. Add ribbons and burlap as a unique decoration that is different from the others.

To make DIY mason jar is very easy and inexpensive. You only need water, flowers and burlap as a decoration. This flower vase can improve mood when you are at home.

Avoid using soil in mason jar vases. It aims to reduce the dirt in your flower vase, try using gravel and water. Place it on a table that is often visited by guests and family.

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After finding out these craft ideas, you will know that decorating for spring isn’t as expensive and complicated as it seems.
Simple and on-budget, these DIY mason jar craft with spring theme ideas will surely be applicable for this spring and the upcoming ones.

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