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21 Lively DIY Spring Terrarium for Small Houses

With budding lush trees, vast lands of greens, and various flowers blooming, it’s hard not to be head over heels over spring. Spring is a fresh and warm breath of air after the long seasons of chilling winter. Thus, there’s nothing wrong in welcoming it to your petite home with a lovely DIY spring terrarium. 

In fact, a terrarium will brighten your small space, even more, adding more depth and character to the charming space.

Whether it’s the beginning or end of the enchanting season, here are some of the finest DIY spring terrarium inspirations to capture an eternal spring in your home.

1. Minimalist Mason Jar Spring Terrarium

Finding an abundant amount of unused mason jars in your kitchen? Rather than throwing them out, consider transforming the translucent vessel into a charming DIY spring terrarium.

Grab a handful of moss, potting soil, rocks, and polymer clays to create spring ornaments. Pick a mason jar with a ventilated lid so that the terrarium could live. Finally, you can display them in the living room for everyone to see.

Make a spring home decor with atmosphere and fresh air. For example you can make a simple mason jar terrarium consisting of green plants, moss and soil. Try this idea right now.

You can use mason jar in your kitchen for DIY terrarium. This home decoration idea is easy to find and doesn’t cost much. You only need soil and greenery.

To reduce dirt inside the mason jar, you can replace the soil with gravel. Cover with green moss and flowers on it. Use transparent glass shards so that they can be seen from the outside.

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Succulent plants are also very suitable to complement your spring decoration. Use mason jar that is not used to be a simple terrarium but looks interesting. Cover the soil with gravel so that plants can appear on the mason jar’s surface.

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To make spring decorations look stunning, the mason terrarium jar is one of the best solutions. Complete with cactus, sand and stone to fill mason jar perfectly. Terrarium is the eternal inspiration in your home.

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Fill mason jar terrarium with fresh green plants, gravel and soil. Colored pebbles have a beautiful and attractive impression. Add a small ornament to add elegance.

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Use mason jar that is made of clear glass shards to make it look transparent. Complete with colorful flowers to provide real life in your spring home decor.

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Soil and gravel can be a good layer of succulent plants. Use mason terrarium jar to save costs because this media can be found in your home kitchen. Besides this terrarium is very easy to maintain.

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2. Elegant Cloche DIY Spring Terrarium

Feeling the Alice in the Wonderland ambience? Create the dream-come-true spring terrarium with this glass cloche. 

While most terrariums usually emphasize on flowers and mosses, the rustic birdhouse and easter eggs bring a unique rustic touch. Additionally, install some greeneries, and your spring terrarium is perfect for mesmerizing house decoration.

Create a home atmosphere with shades of alice in the wonderland. This dream will come true with DIY cloche terrarium equipped with butterfly ornament. Green moss gives a fresh impression.

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Spring home decorating ideas that you should try are DIY cloche terrarium. This idea is very simple because it only requires dry branches, moss and butterfly ornaments.

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Complete the DIY cloche terrarium with blooming flowers. Give a little touch of green to make it fresher and brighten the atmosphere. This terrarium will welcome spring with fun.

Attach greenery, dried twigs and flowers for a compelling spring terrarium design idea. Create spring decorations with this terrarium to make it more fun and enjoyable.

Make a cloche terrarium to keep it looking clear and clean. Flowers and mosses become plants that can be installed in DIY cloche terrarium. This design is perfect for beautiful and alluring home decorations.

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So that the cloche terrarium does not get dirty easily, you can replace the soil with stone. Use fresh green plants to give a unique rural impression. Create a terrarium with joy.

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3. Petite Chemistry Flask Spring Terrarium

Rather than disposing of the old chemistry flask you once used for science projects, you can reclaim it as a lovely spring terrarium. Coming in various shapes and sizes, find one that you like the most and start decorating them with mosses, flowers, and rocks.

Not only that this petite DIY spring terrarium looks good in your bedside table, but you can also use it as a handmade gift for your beloved ones.

You can use an old chemical flask to make a simple terrarium. Spring decorations don’t always have to be difficult and expensive. This simplicity makes it quicker to welcome spring to your home.

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Old chemical flasks can be a gift for your loved ones. Besides this terrarium will also be a spring decoration that is easy to find and inexpensive. Try it at home now.

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Fill a chemical flask with flowers and water to make it a simple terrarium to welcome spring in your home. Don’t overfill the water so the flowers can float on the surface.

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Succulent can be an ornamental plant in a spring house. The old chemical thermos terrarium idea became one of the designs that didn’t require a lot of money. You can even recycle this chemical flask more useful.

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You can recycle old chemical flasks for DIY terrarium. You can fill it with moss and greenery. This terrarium design will brighten up your home decor during spring.

Cover the chemical flask with wood to keep it giving a natural impression to your home. This terrarium is a home decoration that has many benefits, one of which refreshes the atmosphere around it.

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Line the soil with stones to grow cactus plants in old chemical flasks. This will be a terrarium that has a high attractiveness. You have to make it for spring home decoration.

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Creating an enchanting DIY spring terrarium for your house doesn’t always have to be difficult and expensive. In fact, you can create one by utilizing the materials you already have. Simple and quick to make, find yourself mesmerized by a bottle of spring welcoming you in your home.

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