Let’s create a new keepsake with these DIY ornament ideas. Prepare plastic old-fashioned light bulb ornaments, white glitter, mini bottle brush trees, red and white striped baker’s twine and a hot glue gun to make a cute mini snow globe. Grab your photos, cut them into circles and apply to wood slices to make your favorite holiday memories last a lifetime with this personalized ornaments. Make a cute Christmas star ornaments with festive yarn and pretty cardstock.

Make rustic snowflakes from button stickers, pine needles, berries, twine and felt. These charming crafts are can even be used for festive wall art this holiday season. Paint a wood slice gold and use a wood burner to draw pretty snowflakes to create a rustic ornament. See more DIY ornament for Christmas decoration below.


This star ornament is made using paper straw so it is easy to make at an affordable cost. Having a wave pattern with a red and green color combination will make it look perfect for Christmas decorations. Paper Straw Star from @pennychoocards.

This Santa hand print craft is made using salt dough to make it look unique. The creator added glitter to this Santa ornament making it look even more festive. Hand Print Santa from @hrcrawford02.

Interesting right ? This mitten ornament is made by crochet so that it has artistic value in every detail. Equipped with a rope at the top, it will make it very easy to hang on the Christmas tree so that it looks attractive. Crochet Mitten Ornament from @greysmade.

This Macramé Christmas tree ornament is made using white rope so it looks clean. The creators added a sisal rope on top so that it would make it easier to display. Macramé Christmas Tree Ornament from @handcraftedhomedecorwithlove.

Unique and creative! This Santa hat ornament is made using popsicle sticks so it’s easier to make at an affordable cost. Painted with black paint and decorated with buttons will make it more beautiful. Santa Hat Ornament from @yathandraholt.

This Christmas ornament in the form of a star was made with a DIY project using buttons so it looks unique and attractive. This star has a yellow theme that makes it look brighter and different than usual. Button Star Ornament from @yathandraholt.

Check out this craft above! Made by knitting will make it have high artistic value. Having a brown theme and decorated with buttons and bows will make it look real. Knitted Gingerbread Man from @macramelif.

This gnome ornament is made using felt material with a combination of green and white. The creator added a ribbon on top to make it easier to hang on the Christmas tree. Felt Gnome from @rjlemley_and_hercrafts.

Made using popsicle sticks to make ornament snowflakes will save costs but are still beautiful. Painted red and decorated with beads, this snowflake ornament looks perfect for Christmas. Popsicle Stick Snowflake from @artsycraftsymom.

This snowball ornament looks very creative! Made using sisal yarn and glue will make it look very aesthetic. At this time you can also decorate it with red ribbon so that it will make it look more beautiful and attractive. Yarn Snowball from @one_little_project.

Mini and adorable. The ornament angle made using paper material is perfect for the Christmas theme. The wings made using a pipe cleaner look very beautiful. The creator also added a rope at the top for easy hanging on the Christmas tree. Paper Angle Ornament from @wash_m_paper.
The way this crochet snowman ornament is made will make it have quite high artistic value and not everyone can make it. Having a red and white color theme, this snowman ornament is perfect for a Christmas theme. Crochet Snowman from @sundaypaint.
The beads, which are strung together to form a six-net candy cane, look very beautiful and have their own charm. The creator used a white feather to decorate it so that it looks more perfect. Now you can hang it on the Christmas tree so it will be perfectly exposed. Candy Cane Ornament from @creativewayz.
Simple and creative. This reindeer ornament is made using popsicle stick material so it looks creative. The creator left it with its original color so it will look more aesthetic. Popsicle Stick Reindeer from @growupwithbaby.
Made using tissue paper roll, this snowman ornament is easier to make and at an affordable cost. It has a combination of white and blue, making it look so beautiful. You can hang it on the Christmas tree to make a more festive Christmas decoration. Tissue Roll Snowman from @nataliekarine.

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