If you’ve got so many old books at home, don’t toss them. Give them a new life with these 16 DIY ideas using an old book. Seriously, these ideas are better than throw it off. Scroll down to check and find some inspirations to copy.

This quaint pencil holder is a genius DIY project because it is made with the leftover scraps book

This modern pendant takes a generic paper lantern and steps it up a notch by carefully pasting circles, cut from book pages, in a scalloped pattern which resembles an artichoke

This DIY knife block, made from old books, is a cinch to make

This book-page pennant is an easy-effort craft to do with kids and is endlessly customizable

This book wreath is nothing short of breathtaking when it comes to crafts with old books

There are crafts with old books you can do, like make bookmarks

Never know what to do with old books, try this

All you need to create this amazing hidden storage box is glue, a sharp knife and a simple box frame

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This repurposed book box is so fun and would be perfect for organizing jewelry or other small items

Use book piles to create table legs

This accordion folder organizer is super functional, includes sewing, and organization

This book clock is a great way to remind your kids to spend time reading, even if a few pages are torn or missing

This DIY book page button is adorable on purses and things that weren’t going to be washed

Use a stack of books as the base of this unique and stunning reading lamp

Turn the whole book into this stunning display

Why not grow something magical in your book

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