Let’s get rid of the clutter with these clever ways to hide and disguise the cords and electrical outlets. Use a toilet tissue roll to keep track of all your cord and you can also decorate it a little with a washi tape. Hide your cord and electrical outlets inside a cute wicker basket and place them under a desk or TV stand. Just bunch them all together with a Velcro tie and string them through the basket handles in the back

Organize all the cords underneath your TV console neatly together; tie them together with zip cords, then use a wall-mount surge protector to plug in multiple electronics at a time. Make a shoebox charging station with a power strip, an old shoebox, and colorful wrapping paper to declutter and create a charging station for all mobile devices at home. Make a book cell phone charging station to disguise a phone charge on your nightstand. See other 15 clever ways to hide your electrical outlets below.

Wood Cable Organizer Box for Hide your Electrical Outlets

Keep your electrical outlets organized with this simple and countryside-looking wood cable organizer box. Easily plug and unplug cables and enjoy its energy-efficiency benefit along with your flexible energy plan choice from Just Energy.

Wood cable organizer box for hide your electrical outlets

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Trush in’ Electrical Cable Containers

These colorful cable containers look so Generation Z.

Pop-up Outlets Kitchen Islands

If you want a modern-looking home style, this pop-up outlet concealer on your kitchen island is a perfect choice.

Pop-up outlets kitchen islands

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Outlets in Drawers Mean that you Can Get All that Gadget Clutter off  Counter

This smartly designed drawer is perfect for your precious gadgets, eliminating clutter off your counter.

Outlets in drawers mean that you can get all that gadget clutter off the counte

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Mouse Hole Door to Conceal Electrical Outlets

It’s cute and makes you reminisce about the naughtiness of Tom and Jerry.

Mouse hole door to conceal electrical outlets

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Kitchen Design Idea for Hide your Electrical Outlets

This idea to hide electrical outlets is well-thought.

Kitchen design idea for hide your electrical outlets

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Keep Desk Cords Out of Sight and Out of Your Way

With this great design idea, you get to create a clean and uncluttered kitchen look as you keep desk cords away from the eyesight. 

Hide Ugly Power Strip Electrical Outlet Cords in a Pretty Decorative Box

Hide beastly cords with such adorable boxes that you can DIY in a few minutes.

Hide ugly power strip electrical outlet cords in a pretty decorative box

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Hidden Electrical Outlets that Pop Up Out of Your Countertops

It’s like a robotic electric cord keeper that rises from your countertop. This design is simply modern and amazing!

Hidden electrical outlets that pop up out of your countertops

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Create a Charging Station Inside a Drawer with a Power Strip

This simple charging station keeps everything charged in one spacious and concealed place. 

Create a charging station inside a drawer with a power strip

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Cool Idea to Organize the Cables in the Home Office

Organize electric outlets with this simple and cool design idea, which is perfect for small gadgets.

Cool idea to organize the cables in the home office.

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Clever Ways to Hide Your Electrical Outlets

Keep your electrical outlets underneath the table like a pro! This clever idea is highly recommended for your home office.

Clever ways to hide your electrical outlets

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Clever Storage Solutions for Your Electrical Outlets

Do you want a classic style? This clever storage solution keeps your unsightly cords away.

Clever storage solutions for your electrical outlets

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Cable Management Hide All Electric Wires & Power Strips High-Quality Scratch Resistant Organizer to Cover Cords

For a powerful, modern, and organized storage solution for all wires, grab this scratch-resistant organizer today!

Cable management hide all electric wires & power strips high quality scratch resistant organizer to cover cords

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Bed Risers Bed Risers with USB Power Strip

Now, your bed frame foot isn’t sleeping! Charge your gadgets while charging your body and mind, too.

Bed risers bed risers with usb power strip

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