Annual holiday is the most pleasant moment. There are several festival holidays that are celebrated nationally from October to the end of December. Usually, the most of people spend their holiday to have a quality time with family, cook delicious dishes and decorate home to be more lively. There are several ways to embellish your home, either by installing LED lights on a Christmas tree or creating a unique and creative craft. This time, you can get inspiration to create home decor with craft made of pinecones. Just try at home, then you will be satisfied to enjoy your own handycrafts.

  1. Colorful Pinecone

The simple way you can do is to color some pinecones and then collect them in a glass vase. Just place it on the living room table or near the Christmas tree. It’ so colorful! More pictures find here.

  1. Animal Pinecones

The second simple way is to stick the puppet eyes on the pinecones by using a strong glue. Add red ribbon and brown flannel pieces as the ears of these animals. For more pictures  and ideas you can find in Brilliant DIY Decoration Ideas with Pinecones

  1. Sparkling Tree

Making a sparkling tree of bark, twigs, and pinecones is a creative idea. You can also plugged some small LED lights on the pinecones to shine at night. Detail project you can check here.

  1. Beautiful Napkin with Pinecone

Cooking time will be continued by arranging dishware and napkin on the table. Fold the napkin neatly and garnish with this beautiful silver pinecone. It’s nice job!

  1. Wrapping Gift

Giving a gift to someone special is also usually done by some people at Christmas. You can add pinecone to decorate your gift wrap.

  1. Glittering Pinecones

Coloring some pinecones then sprinkling them with glitter powder will make it glows. Place them on a white table so the glitter will stand out.

  1. Mice Pinecones

Creating some small mice from pinecones are unique. You just need some pinecones, seeds, glue, and some pieces of small barks to insert in the head. For more ideas check here.

  1. Pinecones on the String

Coloring some pinecones and hang them on the string is another simple way to do. It’s easy to embellish the fireplace or other rooms.

  1. Pinecones to Welcome

Sticking some green ribbons on pinecones and hanging them on the door will beautify the enterway to welcome everyone.

  1. Pinecones and Scarf

You can also make some cute little decorative puppets from pinecone. You just need some pinecones, red flannel as the conical hat and scarf.

  1. Cute Pinecones

The puppet looks very cute with flannel hat and scarf. Some pine leaves also look very creative to be made as its hands and feet.

  1. Owl Pinecone

This craft is funny and creative to create at home because it doesn’t take time to do. Just prepare its eyes, flannel to be the nose and ears.

  1. Pinecones and Bright Balls

This idea looks very easy and simple but very beautiful. You just need to collect some pinecones, small colorful balls, and some berries in a glass jar.

Original article and pictures by : SORTRA

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