Half bathroom is a 2-piece bathroom that has no shower or even bathtub (in contains only a sink and a toilet). There is no design council defining how big a half-bathroom should be, but mostly, it is around 50 square feet but usually far less. But even if it’s small, a half bathrooms are important because they are desirable to many home buyers. It is a blessing in disguise and because there are no bathing facilities to deal with, your job in cleaning is cut in half.

Talking about position, if it possible, position your half-bathroom on perimeter and do not position it in the center of the house and make sure that one of it’s walls is an exterior wall of the house. Mostly, half-bathroom tends to be situated near living areas, so a high-velocity fan is necessary. To make your half-bathroom larger, favor larger tiles to make your space larger and avoid big sink vanities that dominate the space. Now check out these 122 incredible half bathroom decor ideas to inspire you. Enjoy!

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