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100 Haunted Halloween Decorating Ideas

Trick or treat! Create the best haunted Halloween decoration to your home so that the atmosphere can really satisfy you in celebrating Halloween this year. Choose the color scheme and the fit ornament if you want to have the well-decorated one. For your advice, you can combine black and red colors as your scheme. Those colors will be effective since black represents the darkness and red is the color of blood and fire.

Hence, for the stuff or ornament that you can create with the colors, you can make the projection ghost, creeper monster, black spider, black raven, bloody candle, or, the simple one is the pumpkin ghost. You can color the pumpkin in black color and simply craft it to get the design that you want. Look at the ornament ideas on our gallery below and prepare your own haunted Halloween home decoration!;

Red Outdoor Decoration for Halloween from Quicky Rickyhil

Black Raven wreath from Countryliving

RavenΒ  for Halloween decor from Countryliving

Pumpkins Ghost from Digsdigs

Grimmy Ghost Dolls Make Up from Digsdigs

Outdoor Decoration with Ghost from Digsdigs

White Ghost hang on the Black Door from Makeandtakes

DIY bloody Candle from Homelysmart

Spooky Candles for Halloween from Homelysmart

Black Candles with Bloody from Livingly

Ghost for Outdoor Halloween Decor from Fire Pit Plaza

Lantern Jack-O from Fire Pit Plaza

Ghost High from Residencestyle

Spooky Ghost from Residencestyle

Black Bats from huffpost

Candle for Halloween from Shelterness

Ghost Garland from Diy-enthusiasts

Flaying bats from Freaked

Bottle Ghost In black Background from Freaked

DIY Ornament Spider from Freaked

Halloween Porch Decor from Homedit

Pumpkins on the Table from Flowerpicturegallery

Decorative Pumpkins from Foxhollow Cottage

Black Halloween Decor with Pumpkins from Foxhollow Cottage

Halloween Decor from Digsdigs

Black Wreath with Spiders from Digsdigs

Black Pumpkins from Styleathome

Black Cats Pumpkins from Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Jack-O Lantern from Todaysparent

Giant Black Bat from Digsdigs

Bloody Candles for Halloween from Collage Cab

Black Flaying Ghost from Collage Cab

White Ghost from Shelterness

Ghost Wreath from Shelterness

Flaying Ghost from Ohhappyday

Black Spider Pumpkins from Farm Food Family

Halloween Dining Table with Black and Red from Farm Food Family

Decorative plates from Farm Food Family

Wreath for Halloween from Farm Food Family

Black Spider and Pumpkins Ornament On the Mantel from Lushome

Black Pumpkin with Ghost painting from Lushome

Wreath and Bats from Lushome

Garland for Mantel Halloween Decor from Pretty Diy Home


Black Cat Ornament from Pretty Diy Home

Front Porch with Black Ghost and Black Spider from Onekindesign

Bloody Candle and Black Spider On the tray from Digsdigs

Scary Candle Holder from Digsdigs

Black Table With Red Candle for Halloween from Digsdigs

Spooky Dining Table With Red and Black Nuance from Digsdigs

Halloween Dining Table with Black and Red scheme from Digsdigs

Black Pumpkins with Red Fingerprint from Digsdigs

Witch Leg from Digsdigs

Halloween Candle with Black and Red scheme from Digsdigs

Black and Red Wreath from Digsdigs

Ghost Lantern from Perfectporchswing

Flaying Bats from Perfectporchswing

Black Bats Wreath from Purewow

Black Painted Pumpkins from Purewow

Flaying Ghost and Black Bats from Loveproperty

Black Bird for Halloween from Loveproperty

DIY Black Spider on The Wall from Loveproperty

Black Ghost from Pink Lover Snydle

Flaying Black Bats from Pink Lover Snydle

Bloody Victim Hanged on a Tree from Pink Lover Snydle

RIP headstones With Ghost from Homedit

Giant Spider from Homedit

Black Bats from Homedit

Pumpkins Ghost from Homedit

Spider Web and Black Spider from Homedit

Pumpkins for Halloween from Warmcozyhome

Black Wreath With ghost from Residence Style

Hairy Black Spider from Residence Style

Halloween Table Decoration with Black and Red Themes from Digsdigs

Flaying Bat Above the Red Table from Digsdigs

Red Curtains With Black Coffin from Digsdigs

Black Pumpkins from Shelterness

Pumpkins for Halloween from Diys

DIY candles Decorative from Skerrieshardwareandpetcentre

Ghost on the Black Table from Splendry

Black Pumpkin Ghost from Splendry

Red and Black Halloween Decor from Goodhousekeeping

Black Bats from Goodhousekeeping

Black Dining Table with Red Accent from Thewowstyle

Red and Black Dining Table for Halloween from Thewowstyle

Red Halloween Decor With Black Ghost from Catchmyparty

Mantel decoration for Halloween from Catchmyparty

Scary Halloween Decoration from Michellespartyplanit

Burlap Ghost from Michellespartyplanit

Mantel Decoration With Black Bat Garland from Ecstasycoffee

Black Bats from Ecstasycoffee

Spooky Hanging Bats from Ecstasycoffee

Black Giant Spider from Zerukorestaurant

Outdoor Halloween Decoration with Black and Red Theme from Explosion

Mantel Halloween Decor With Black Raven from Decoraid

Black Halloween Ornament from Diyprojects

Ghost for Halloween from Dashofsanity

Spooky Halloween Decor from Homecrux

Red and Black Outdoor Halloween Decoration from Homecrux

Cubicle Halloween from Homedit

Black Cubicle for Halloween from Homedit

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