Diwali brings the idea of fully decorated and illuminated homes to our minds. It is a festival of light, sweets, and happiness. Every year near Diwali, everyone starts to decorate their houses in their way. Since the festival is associated with the victory of good over bad, lights are the perfect way to symbolize the same. Therefore, to spread the positive vibes, we decorate everything using lights of different colors. The festival is about to come and if you are still confused about the decoration ideas, below is a list of 100 unique Diwali decoration ideas for your home. These products are easily available in the market and are affordable as well. So, decorate your house uniquely this time. 

1. Chandeliers

If you wish to decorate your balcony or even the living area, chandeliers are a perfect choice. They are specifically made to take you into a festive mood. Since these lights work perfectly indoors and outdoors, you can even get two if you wish to. These things are easily available in the market close to Diwali or you can order them online as well. These days, Hula Hoop Chandeliers are famous and add a festive vibe to your house. So, this is a perfect Diwali decoration idea for this season.

2. Thread lanterns

Lanterns are again one of the best decorative ideas for the festive season. They are elegant, inexpensive, and add beauty to your house. Also, if you do not want to spend your money on these, you can make up your own. All you will need is fevicol or some glue, balloons, cotton yarn, a bowl, and water. The market is also flooded with different lantern options and you can pick from there as well. You just have to put a bulb inside the lantern and you are all set to go. It is a great Diwali decoration idea without spending too much money on it. Therefore, enlighten your house with a lantern and feel the festive vibe.

3. Jar lights

Jar lights are a perfect idea for those who have empty spaces in their house and don’t know how to use them. String lights can be inserted into almost everything and so you can insert them into small jars to make jar lights. You can place them at different places in your house or you can even hang them. They add grace and beauty to your house and additionally they do not cost a lot. This is moreover a perfect gifting idea that will brighten up anyone’s mood. So, this Diwali try to make something different with the lights.

4. Paper cup lights

Lights have so many advantages; they can be used at different places in so many different ways. These can be easily made at home and do not ask for a lot of effort. You just have to make criss-cross cuts on the base of the paper cups and put lights in through them. This way the cups will appear to be the lampshades and make your room brighter and prettier. Everyone will love this unique decoration idea.

5. Bottle Lights

If you are more of a wine lover then there is something you can do with the empty bottles. Once you are done consuming the wine, save the bottles for decoration and all you have to do is put some lights in the bottle and keep it on a table or along the stairs to give your house classy lighting. Not only for Diwali, but the bottle lights idea is also generally one of the best decoration ideas for your home. You don’t have to remove the bottles when the festive season is over. So, try this decorative idea today. In order to buy decorations at affordable prices, use Amazon offers & coupons

6. Winding lights on trees

If you have a little garden outside your house or inside your society, you can use the trees to decorate and it looks gorgeous. You can use all the trees and bushes and put lights on every one of them. For this, you might need an extension cord and the whole area can be converted into a party-perfect setting. You can then put some chairs, ottoman, and bean bags to enlighten the mood a little more. This is one of the best ideas for outdoor decoration where you don’t even have to put in a lot of effort.

7. Hand-made candles

Candles are easy to make and they do not demand a lot. Put some wax in a melting can and melt it. When it is all done, place it inside a candle jar and put a wick on it. After a while, it will become hard and your candle will be ready. You can then keep it in different places like tables, corners of the house, the balcony, and so many other places. This idea creates a different ambiance in the room and the place enlightens up a bit. You can make this decoration idea for your loved ones as well.

8. Pathway décor

Diwali is not complete without making a rangoli at the pathway. Most rangolis are made up of colors and flowers and they look stunning. Draw patterns on the floor along the pathway and use flowers to give them a unique look. You can also use diyas and candles at the corners of your rangoli that makes it even more mesmerizing. For the patterns, you can search the ones given online and make them in no time. Diwali without a rangoli does not feel the same. So, this Diwali, go get some flowers and make sure you decorate your pathway beautifully.

9. Garlands

One of the most important, easy, and best home décor ideas for Diwali is a garland that you can either make or purchase from the market. Simple flowers of different kinds hanging all together on the walls add beauty to your place and set you in a festive mood. String some flowers together and hang them up on the walls simply. This is one of the easiest ideas that do not ask for a lot of things. 

10. Bells

Another beautiful Diwali house decoration that you will love to try at home is bells. Though bells are said to be the décor pieces for Christmas, some golden bells hung up together with some flowers are definitely for Diwali. It is easy decorating ideas for ceilings at home. You can also hang them on the curtain rods and give your home a unique look. People will be impressed with this idea and you will receive so many compliments. This idea is easy to make and is affordable as well.

So, above is a list of all the amazing ideas that can lighten and brighten up your place easily. For the ones mentioned above, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort or buy expensive things. All of these items can be made easily and can be kept for later use as well. Apart from this, you can get different lights from the market and hang them at different places inside or outside your house. 

On the day, you can place diyas inside your house at different places and that will give your house a whole new festive look. If you are still looking for more ideas, think about sequin and tassel hangings that can be strung up together. They are flashy at night and therefore, brightens up the place they are hung upon. Try these ideas for this festive season and have a happy Diwali. 

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