Kitchen is the most important part of a house because it is a place that you use for cooking. In fact, Cooking is a fun activity, you can spend a lot of time for making food ingredients into delicious food there. For that, you have to design your kitchen into a comfortable and pleasant kitchen. The kitchen is usually divided into three main parts. The first is the food saving section. To store food, a storage area is needed, namely a closet and refrigerator. The second is the part of preparing ingredients, namely washing and cutting food ingredients. For this purpose, the preparation area is a table and sink. The third is the cooking section, in this case a stove or microwave place is needed. These three areas should ideally not be placed carelessly, you must design them correctly.

If we talk about the second most important place, that is the preparation place. Surely we will immediately remember about the sink. This part has an important role that makes us have to be careful in choosing it. Choosing the right sink makes your washing work more comfortable and easy. Of course you don’t want to choose a small sink if your cooking activity is frequently, because the more cooking activities is the more dirty dishes that you have to wash. Otherwise, don’t choose sinks that are too big if your kitchen is small and you like to eat out more than cooking. Sinks are made of various types of materials. Just like the complementary kitchen set accessories, the sinks were made of stainless steel, There are pure stainless steel, sometime are just coated with metal. Sink made of stainless steel will look beautiful on the interior design of a contemporary kitchen set. In addition to the metallic color that gives a cool and minimalist impression, it is also easy to clean and the price can be reached. It’s just that this material is prone to scratches when exposed to sharp objects. Besides metal, another well-known material is made of synthetic materials. The color of the synthesis material is diverse, looks exclusive and strong. Suitable for classic design themed kitchen sets. If you want a natural impression, natural stone sinks are suitable for your kitchen set. This type of sink has not been found so much that the price is expensive. To give you inspiration, below we present a few examples of kitchen sinks that you can use as references. Hopefully it’s useful for you.

Cool kitchen sink ideas

Corner kitchen sink ideas

Double bowl kitchen sink

Kitchen sink with drainboard

Kitchen sink with wooden

Minimalist kitchen sink ideas

Modern farmhouse kitchen sink

Modern kitchen sink simple

Modern kitchen sink

Stainless steel kitchen sink


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