It is every homeowner’s dream to maintain a beautiful home and live there happily ever after. However, keeping your home neat and functional is a tough nut to crack for most homeowners. They assume that buying a big, cozy place is more than enough to live peacefully. They miss out on the fact that every good thing comes with a price tag, and in this case, the price gets paid through home maintenance.

Owning your home and taking good care of it will be one of your most significant responsibilities as a homeowner. Luckily for you, there are numerous straightforward ways to maintain your house properly. You must know the proper maintenance tips and tricks. In this way, your house upkeep will not feel like a big chore.

Just like you get yourself checked annually by a medical professional, you need to do the same to your home. Of course, you need to find a different doctor for your home – one who excels at doing fixtures and repairs around the house. It is best to maintain a proper schedule for home maintenance and have it checked at least twice a year.

If your appliances are giving you a tough time, check their warranty and call for service. If the heating and cooling system is not working correctly, take immediate action and get it repaired. For any extensive damage done to your property by natural disasters like flooding and heavy rain, reach out to a water damage advisor for help to prevent long-term structural damage. By taking timely action, you can avoid any significant breakdowns from happening and save lots of money. Moreover, your house will look pristine all year round. That said, if you plan to create an annual home maintenance checklist, do yourself a favor and add the following mandatory tasks to it. Start with Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

1- Winter maintenance tasks

It makes more sense to start with seasonal maintenance tasks and tackle the necessary repairs season to season. Let’s begin with winter – the coziest season where everyone wants to snuggle up in bed. However, this weather can be an unforgiving one for your home. The cold temperatures can lead to a few significant problems, such as damaged roofs and frozen pipelines. If you do not want to get into big trouble and keep up with your cozy winter plans, then add the following maintenance tasks to your annual home maintenance checklist:

  • Thoroughly check your basement for possible leaks before and after a snowfall
  • Adequately cover the air-conditioning system when the weather starts changing
  • Vacuum or seal your refrigerator condenser and freezer coils. Also, clean and empty the drip trays on time
  • Look over the gutters, drains, roof, and downspouts for any damage after heavy snowfall or storms
  • Vacuum the exhausts fans of your bathrooms
  • Deeply clean the tubs, sinks, dishwashers, tubs, and showers

2- Summer maintenance tasks

Summertime is probably the best time for homes. There are not many repairs to look forward to, and the house stays in its ideal shape. However, this warm weather also has some drawbacks. Therefore, it is best to get done with home maintenance at the beginning of the season. In this way, you will be able to enjoy summer to the fullest and sip fresh lemonade in your backyard. Here are a few maintenance tasks to look out for:

  • Inspect and lube your garage door opener, springs on the top, and door hinges
  • Remove any lint and dust that might accumulate in dryer vents and washer hoses
  • Check if the exhaust fan in the kitchen is working fine or not
  • Repair any dishwasher and toilet leaks
  • Replace any showerhead washers and faucets if needed
  • Repair your sprinklers on time
  • See if your porch is due for seasonal maintenance, especially if the snow wreaks havoc
  • Clean the air filters in your HAVC system, so it works fine
  • Look out for bugs and termites around your home. Call the experts for fumigation if needed

3- Autumn maintenance list

Do you also like the breezy autumn vibes? Well, this weather is perfect for maintaining your home as the air usually is dry. During this season, inspect your house’s interior and exterior properly. You probably do not have to do much, just some mandatory repair tasks to perform. Here is a list of recommended maintenance tasks during autumn:

  • Freshen up your lawn by removing the dead leaves
  • Inspect the fireplace and rejuvenate it during autumn
  • Seal any window gaps and door cracks you find around the house
  • Replace the old windows as soon as possible
  • Inspect your roof for potential damage and seepage
  • Clear out debris and dead leaves from drains and gutters    
  • Repair any cracks you find in the sidewalk and driveway
  • Get your home appliances checked by professionals before the holidays begin
  • Install smoke detectors around your home, especially in the basement
  • Get a round of insulation done on the outdoor faucets and garage pipes to prevent them from freezing

4- Spring maintenance list

Ah, this beautiful season is a much-awaited one. Springtime is the revival of Mother Nature when new leaves and flowers start budding out of the trees. The fresh breath of air feels nice on the skin, and you feel lively. It is that time of the year when you go on a family picnic or host a barbecue party in the backyard. Some general upkeep home maintenance tasks for this season include:

  • Replace the air-conditioner filters
  • Clean your windows and replace them if needed
  • Clean the gutters and dust off the dead leaves around the house
  • Inspect your chimney for any damages or repairs
  • Take out insulation from the outdoor faucets and inspect the sprinklers on time
  • Revive your lawn and get it soiled
  • Go to the nursery and buy some colorful plants for your garden
  • See if your deck needs service
  • Inspect any moss growth on the roof and get it removed

The bottom line

These annual maintenance tasks are a game-changer for your home, especially during different seasons. You must have realized after reading them that they are not as difficult or time-consuming as you think. You can quickly get done with them within a few days. All you have to do is take some time out and look after your home. Your home is supposed to comfort you during hard times. Without proper and timely maintenance, it is nearly impossible to find solace at home. So do the needful and invest in your home’s upkeep.



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