Do you want to maintain your restaurant theme welcoming and sophisticated to leave a solid impression on your guests? Then besides giving importance to your menu, you need to give a thought to how the whole decor looks. And to add a lively yet elegant touch to restaurant decor, choosing wooden tables is a must. Wood restaurant tables can easily attract anyone’s attention by giving off an immediate traditional, timeless, classy vibe. It also elevates the contemporary quotient of restaurant decor. Decorating with wood table tops and wooden chairs sets can instantly be the center of attraction in a restaurant by adding a striking look, a feel of sophistication, and an overall style.

Can you make your restaurant decor look its very best with wood table tops for years? Of course you can. All you need to do is pick high quality wooden tables and know wood table tops maintenance tricks. 

Here’s everything you need to know about care and maintenance of wood table tops.

Tips & Tricks on How to Clean Wood Table Tops

Dusting and cleaning wood table tops daily is needed to keep the surfaces sparkle like new. 

To clean the wood table tops you will mainly need 2 things:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Liquid soap or mild wood cleaner

Here’s how to clean wood table top:

  • Dust off the table top with damp microfiber cloth
  • Make a mixture of liquid soap with warm water, or use a mild wood cleaner. Dip the microfiber cloth into that soapy water or cleaner and gently rub the table top to clean any sticky spots.
  • After cleaning, always dry and buff the wood table top with clean and dry microfiber cloth.

Tips & Tricks on How to Disinfect Wood Table Tops

Maintaining a basic cleaning routine is not enough to keep wooden restaurant tables germ-free. You need to incorporate a disinfecting routine as well. For this, a homemade disinfectant is the best to safely disinfect wooden surfaces. 

Here’s how to disinfect wood table tops with homemade solution:

  • Make a 2:1 mixture of water and white vinegar.
  • After cleaning the wood table top, spray that vinegar solution on the wood surface and wipe off with a damp soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. Continue this process until the table is completely clean, moisture-free and disinfected.

This way, you will not be able to just kill germs but also stay kind to your restaurant table and ensure it lasts for a long period of time.

Tips & Tricks on How to Protect Wood Table Tops

By following a few simple steps on a daily basis you can keep your wood restaurant tables protected from any structural and cosmetic damage. 

Here’s how to protect wood table tops:

  • Make sure the tables are minimum 1-2 meters away from radiator in your restaurant
  • Direct sunlight must be avoided for a longer life of tables
  • The tables should be always moisture-free. If any liquid or food element gets split on the wood table top, make sure that is immediately cleaned.
  • Do not keep sharp objects, like cutlery, etc. scatter here and there on the wood tables.
  • Do not keep hot pots or serving plates directly on the table. Use heat resistant placemats and mats.
  • Use coasters for hot and cold drinks on the table
  • If your wooden restaurant tables have oil or wax finish, then check and maintain the finishing every 3-6 months. Choose natural wax, like beeswax, carnauba wax, etc. over silicone-based wax.
  • Never use abrasive cloths or harsh chemical based cleaning agents to clean the table tops.

Tips & Tricks on How to Refinish Wood Table Tops

Over time, you may see wear and tear on your wood restaurant tables. To give them a new look, you need to refinish them from time to time. 

Here’s how to refinish wood table tops:

  • After cleaning the wooden table tops, apply a mild stripper on the surface.
  • Leave the stripper till the existing finish gets soften
  • Remove the soften up finish with a putty knife
  • If you notice the previous finish has penetrated fine cracks on the table, apply two or three quotes of stripper.
  • Wipe the surface with mineral spirit using a soft, clean cloth. Allow the table to dry completely.
  • To remove any residual stripper or stained finish, sand the table and make the surface smooth.
  • After sanding the table surface, apply stain on it. Wait for a few minutes to let the stain soak in. then wipe off the excess stain with clean soft cloth. Depending on the desired richness and color of the table, you can apply the stain more than once.
  • Let the last quote of stain dry. After that, apply an oil-based coat as a final layer to protect the table top from damage and maintain the shine. You can apply it with a disposable brush. You can also opt for a spray option.
  • Once you’re done with the final coating, let the table dry in a well-ventilated place for at least 24 hours.

Bottom line

Caring wood tables is important to improve their durability. Hope, you find this guide to care and maintain wood restaurant tables useful. Follow these tips and keep your restaurant tables shiny for a long time.

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