How many winter collections do you have? You might adore beautiful scarves or love wearing cute pashminas. Oh, is there any shawl in your wardrobe? There are a lot of winter collections we wear during the winter. But how can we store them if the winter ends up? You do not want to throw them away, do you? We should create storage space for those winter collections and keep them well organized. Check out our list below. We give our ideas to store winter collections beautifully.

With Clear Plastic Bins

Look at the plastic bins above! They are so beautiful. Louisa labels each of them to find the accessory she wants. One for scarves, one for gloves, and more. It is a simple way to store winter accessories. So, will you copy her idea too?

Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

What about the more delicate scarves? You can not just drop them into a box. You need a space to keep them from snagging or creasing. You can use non-slip velvet hangers. This way will keep your expensive scarves or pashminas.

With Fabric-Lined Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are versatile. You can use them to store your winter collections. Pu them over the cabinet or any space in your home. Furthermore, they have a beautiful pattern that looks so eye-catching. They work well for any home theme. 

Clear Front Storage

You can see where is the pashmina, scarf, or shawl with this clear front storage. Just make sure that you fold tidily. So, they will look well arranged. What do you need right now? You can directly notice where it is.

Use Wire Basket

it is a chic way to store scarves. It will be better for us to organize them by color. It will look visually pleasing. You can do so for your pashminas, shawls, gloves, and other winter collections. It will make your space neat and clean without clutter. 

DIY Ladder Storage

Solve your scarves’ woes with this DIY ladder storage. You will need an old ladder. Then, paint it with a white semi-gloss paint. Let it dry under the sun for several minutes. Whenever it seems not tacky, you can use it.

Fabric Bins

Fold your scarves and organize them by color into a fabric bin. You can use it to store gloves and hats too. It protects all items from ripping or snagging. So, your winter collections will always be neat. To ease you, give the label for each bin for scarves, pashminas, and or shawls. 


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